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Onoghemuovwe Advises on Eating Habits and Lifestyle at 100 Years Old

At 100 Years, Onoghemuovwe Counsels on Eating Habit, Lifestyle

Pa Michael Onoghemuovwe, a Nigerian native and centenarian who survived difficult times, including sacrifices planned for gods, has some valuable advice for those seeking a healthy and happy life. Onoghemuovwe’s life is a testimony that taking care of your health is essential to living a fulfilling life. His age is a rare feat, worthy of emulation. Here are some of his tips on how to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Eating Habit

Onoghemuovwe’s diet consists of plenty of vegetables, fruits, and Omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods like fish. He avoids processed meat, such as sausages and hamburgers, which are often high in sodium and unhealthy fat. Additionally, he has some eating rules he has followed throughout his life, such as not eating late at night and avoiding sugary foods.


Onoghemuovwe has always been an active person throughout his life, even in his old age. His life involved active occupations like rubber tapping and boxing, and he believes being active has helped him live long. He also advises people to avoid alcohol and smoking, as habits that are detrimental to good health. Onoghemuovwe always has something to do, whether it’s getting involved in a community or church. He also emphasises the importance of sleeping, and getting enough sleep.

Related Facts

Centenarians are people who have lived to be 100 years or older. According to the National Institute on Aging, there are approximately 53,364 centenarians in the United States as of 2020. In Japan, the number of centenarians is even higher, at approximately 85,000 people.

Key Takeaway

Onoghemuovwe’s life story is a testament to the benefits of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. By leading an active life, eating well, and avoiding unhealthy habits, such as smoking and drinking, you can enjoy a long, healthy life. It’s never too late to make positive changes in your lifestyle that can help you live a long and happy life.


At 100 years old, Onoghemuovwe is an inspiration to us all. He has lived a full and active life, with a commitment to healthy eating and regular exercise. His advice on how to lead a healthy and happy life should be taken seriously, and his story should inspire us to make positive changes in our lifestyles to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

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