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Offering New First-Time Buyer Program and Free Finance Advice by Skipton Boss

Skipton Building Society has been around for 170 years and has proven to be a stalwart in the UK’s financial landscape. As the country’s fourth-largest mutual, it has weathered many economic storms and has continued to provide excellent service to its members. Its new chief executive, Stuart Haire, who joined at the start of the year, has ambitious plans to help support its members now and in the future.

Free Financial Advice for All

One of Skipton’s major plans for its members is to offer free financial advice to anyone who needs it. With a financial advisor available in every one of its 87 branches, the society can provide a general sit-down to review a person’s financial situation or have a professional financial review with an advisor for those with more complex needs. Haire hopes to provide this service to all its members, regardless of their affluence, so they can be well-prepared for their future.

Green Homes

Another great initiative by Skipton is their new first-time buyer offering to help with the costs of energy efficient upgrades for their homes. With around 60% of all homes in England and Wales having an energy performance rating of D or worse, Skipton wants to help make a difference by providing mortgage offers to first-time buyers who want to make energy-efficient upgrades to their properties.

Related Facts:

– Skipton saw its membership grow by 55,000 last year and profits more than double.

– Its savings balances rose by a record 13.6% to £22.5bn.
– Its mortgage lending also boomed last year, with its loan book rising by 9.6% to over £25.5bn.
– EPC ratings are becoming increasingly important for buyers, with the UK government keen to get as many homes as possible to an EPC of C by 2035.

Key Takeaway:

Skipton is a building society that has been around for 170 years, and with the new plans put in place by its chief executive, Stuart Haire, it seems the society is still on track to be around for another hundred years. Skipton’s plans to offer free financial advice to all its members and its first-time buyer offering are both initiatives that provide tangible benefits.


Skipton is one of the oldest and largest building societies in the UK, and it is heartening to see the new chief executive looking to the future and making plans to help its members. With its commitment to offering free financial advice and its new first-time buyer offering, Skipton is positioning itself as a society that is committed to its members’ long-term financial health.

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