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Oak Hill in Nashville: A Calm and Amicable Neighborhood with Convenient Access to All Amenities

Friendly and Sedate, Nashville’s Oak Hill Offers a Relaxed Lifestyle That’s Close to Everything

Nashville may be known for its vibrant music scene and bustling downtown, but just a short drive south is Oak Hill, a suburb that offers a peaceful respite from the city. With its picturesque natural landscapes and stately homes, Oak Hill provides residents with a unique blend of rural charm and convenient city living.

Preserving Natural Heritage

Oak Hill’s natural heritage has been well-preserved for generations, making it a draw for those seeking a quieter and more scenic place to call home. Its development has been nature-friendly, and many of the houses are built on large plots of land with mature trees and open expanses throughout. The landscape of the Radnor Lake State Park forms swathes of the neighborhood, providing a tranquil setting for hiking and wildlife viewing.

Affluent and Prestigious

Notable for its prestigious houses, Oak Hill is a top spot among affluent locals, including celebrities, and even the governor of Tennessee. While many of its original ranch-style homes remain, more are giving way to newly built luxury mansions, created in a contemporary style to maximize space and views, built by local developers and selling fast.

Quiet and Serene

People move to Oak Hill for the quiet and scenic setting. The neighborhood is friendly, quiet, and sedate, and its residents like it that way. You can see people walking their dogs, jogging, pushing prams along its leafy streets, and enjoying the outdoors. The area attracts people who appreciate the best of both worlds – a residential neighborhood, a natural setting, and a convenient location near the interstate and major commercial districts.

Price point

The average asking price for a home in Oak Hill last year was $1.775 million. Most newly built family homes are around $2.5 million. The luxury market is dominated by newer construction, both traditional and contemporary, on plots with at least half an acre of land, and often more. Oak Hill has experienced significant price appreciation in recent years due to low-interest rates and limited inventory levels.

Related Facts

– Oak Hill has three ZIP codes and about 1,800 homes, accounting for 8% of sales in the wider Davidson County.
– Bound by Old Hickory Boulevard on the South and Woodmont Boulevard on the North, Oak Hill is only 20 minutes from the Gulch neighborhood of Nashville’s downtown area.
– One of the oldest homes in Oak Hill is the governor of Tennessee’s official residence, a 1920s Georgian-style mansion with an underground ballroom and ten-acre grounds.

Key takeaway

Oak Hill provides a relaxed and serene setting for those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its natural landscapes, stately homes, and easy access to Nashville’s downtown area, it’s a top spot among affluent locals looking for a quieter place to call home.


Oak Hill is a hidden gem in Nashville’s suburban landscape. Its natural beauty, prestigious homes, and convenient location make it a top choice for those seeking a quieter and more scenic lifestyle. With significant price appreciation in recent years, Oak Hill is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the region.

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