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New Braunfels’ Beloved Landa Park: 7 Reasons Why Locals Adore Wurstfest

Wurstfest to Landa Park: 7 Reasons Why Locals Love New Braunfels

New Braunfels may be located in one of the fastest-growing areas in the U.S., but it still holds onto the small town charm that it’s known for. As a journalist, I’ve been able to gather some of the reasons why locals love living in this beautiful city.

New Braunfels Still Has a Small Town Feel

Despite the continuous growth in the city, locals still enjoy the small town feel that New Braunfels has to offer. Its traditions, such as community gatherings, celebrations, and parades at Main Plaza, help New Braunfels maintain its charm. The architecture in the historic district of Gruene also adds to the small town feel, with its old buildings that look like they were taken straight out of an old western film.

New Braunfels Has Beautiful Scenery

One of the standout features of New Braunfels is its striking scenery. The city attracts thousands of tourists every year to experience its picturesque rivers, stunning parks, and historic districts. Some locals enjoy floating on the Comal River, while others prefer walking along the river in places like Gruene and Fischer Park.

There is Always Something to Do in New Braunfels

Despite its small physical size, New Braunfels offers a never-ending list of activities and events to keep locals busy. From beloved community events like the Dia de los Muertos Festival and the Comal County Fair Parade to fun family-friendly events at the convention center, there is something for everyone. The farmer’s market also offers tasty home-grown finds, and Landa Park provides families with activities like splashing around in the Aquatic Complex and playing a round of golf.

New Braunfels Country Music Scene

As a music hotspot, New Braunfels has slowly but surely been building a name for itself. On any given Saturday night, there is no shortage of places to catch a live show. Gruene Hall, in particular, is one of the most prominent venues for live music. The city is also home to more intimate settings, like the Redbird Listening Room or outdoor stages at restaurants like Krause’s Cafe.

Restaurants in New Braunfels Are on Point

The city’s eateries and breweries hit all the right notes with locals. Iconic eateries like Krause’s Cafe keep the city’s culture alive by serving delicious Bavarian pretzels with bier cheese and of course, sausage. New Braunfels is also home to the oldest bakery in Texas, Naegelin’s German Bakery, which has been supplying residents and visitors with traditional German breads and pastries for over 140 years.

Wurstfest Is a Beloved Tradition

Wurstfest, a ten-day annual celebration of sausage, German culture, and carnival rides, has been a staple in the city for over 60 years. Locals love attending this traditional festival year after year, and it brings in tourists from all over the world.

New Braunfels Is Close to Big Cities, but Far Enough Away

Located just 50 miles away from Austin, New Braunfels is close enough to big cities like Austin and San Antonio, but far enough away to enjoy the peacefulness of a small town. This balance attracts many people to the city who want the best of both worlds.

Related Facts

– The population of New Braunfels is about 90,000.
– The Comal River is one of the shortest rivers in the world, with a length of only 2.5 miles.
– Gruene Hall has been welcoming musicians and music lovers for over 145 years.
– Naegelin’s German Bakery is the oldest bakery in Texas, having opened in 1868.
– Wurstfest has been held every November since 1961.

Key Takeaway

Despite its growth, New Braunfels still holds onto its small town charm, offers beautiful scenery, and provides endless activities and events to keep locals busy. From music and food to beloved traditions and peaceful living, New Braunfels has something for everyone.


In conclusion, New Braunfels is a city that retains its small-town feel despite its growth. From stunning scenery and endless activities and events to a great food and music scene, it’s no wonder that locals love calling this city home.

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