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Nebraska’s legislative action to ban Huawei’s technology earns praise for flood response.

Flood Praises Legislative Action in Nebraska to Bar Huawei Technology

Nebraska is taking a firm stance against Chinese technology firms with the recent passage of legislation aimed at barring Huawei hardware from cell towers in the state. Representative Mike Flood, a Republican congressman, praised the effort, in which Huawei hardware located on cell towers near military installations in Nebraska, including Offutt Air Force Base and missile launch sites in western Nebraska, will be removed and barred.

Flood’s praise was directed at Senator Eliot Bostar of Lincoln and the Nebraskan Legislature. Their bipartisan effort resulted in LB683, a package of telecommunications provisions, which ensure that everyday Nebraskans do not subsidize telecommunications companies using technology that can pose a national security threat. The bill was enacted on a 39-0 vote on Tuesday.

Huawei, whose technology is viewed as a national security threat, has deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party, making Flood’s and Bostar’s action all the more pertinent. This legislation is a model for other states to follow in protecting America’s sovereignty against Chinese Communist Party encroachment.

The Legal Argument

Representative Flood has indicated that there is “widespread agreement their technology can be leveraged for surveillance and sabotage of our communities and military installations.” Wider legal battles between nations and Huawei are expected over similar concerns and claims of espionage accusations.

Recently, Senator Deb Fischer introduced legislation that would allocate $3.08 billion of unobligated COVID-19 emergency relief funds to a “rip and replace” program that would fund the removal of Huawei technology. This legislative action is a significant step in the right direction for national security concerns.

Related Facts

Huawei is faced with multiple bans, including in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.

The UK government has ordered the complete removal of Huawei’s hardware, opening the door for Ericsson and Nokia, in building the backbone of the country’s 5G network.

Key Takeaway

Huawei’s technology has, without a doubt, posed several national security threats. This is a view shared by some countries, including the U.S. Through this bill passed by Nebraska, and with similar actions by other states, the country can protect itself from future unwanted surveillance.


The legislative action enacted by Nebraska, with efforts of Senator Bostar, Representative Flood, and Senator Fischer, supports national security concerns and sets an example for other states to follow. Given the concerns over the alleged Huawei involvements, this action marks a significant step in the right direction for the country, which can be emulated by other states.

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