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‘Navigating Uncertainty at 75: Selling My House and Moving Abroad – How to Invest $350,000 and Decide on a New Home?’

‘I’m in a no-man’s-land’: I’m 75, selling my house and moving overseas. How do I invest the $350,000 from the sale? Where do I move?


Retirement after a lifetime of work is a transition that requires a lot of planning and organization, especially if moving overseas is in the plans. The process can be even trickier when it comes to figuring out what to do with a substantial amount gained through the sale of a home. One Air Force officer expressed these concerns in a letter to MarketWatch. The retiree is 76, has an annual income of $116,000, is in good health and is planning to sell their home and move overseas. They are looking for advice on how to invest the substantial money made through the sale of their property and on where to move.

Test Your Location Out Before Making a Final Decision

To prevent getting in too deep without a plan, it might be wise to try living overseas temporarily before selling one’s home and moving permanently. Renting one’s home for a few months or a year can help individuals determine if they are suited for the area long term. It’s important to consider any tax penalties, ensure keeping options open in case the individual desires to return to the US, and to explore areas that offer cheaper living.

Investment Options

When looking for investments, retirees need to balance liquidity and growth. Experts suggest a conservative approach, with an aim to offer more financial freedom to live the preferred lifestyle during retirement. TwinFocus, a wealth advisory firm, suggests a strategy that involves taking a $350,000 and dollar-cost averaging it into a 30% stock/70% bonds portfolio over two years. Experts also suggest keeping the majority of bonds in short-term treasuries and consider reinvesting in longer-dated bonds when rates increase and current bond holdings mature.

Related Facts:

  • International Living Magazine listed several countries, including Portugal, Spain, and Italy for people with an annual income of $2,500 or less.
  • U.S. News & World Report lists 10 retirement destinations overseas.
  • High-yield savings accounts have been offering rates not seen for many years, with UFB Direct and Dollar Savings Direct offering annual percentage yields of 4.81% and 3.5%, respectively.
  • The best annual percentage yield on a one-year CD for an online bank hits 5.2%, and the highest APY for a high-yield savings account is hovering around 4.75%.

Key Takeaway:

Retiring and moving abroad requires a lot of planning and organization. Before selling one’s property and moving overseas, it’s essential to try the location out temporarily to ensure it’s the right place to stay long-term. It’s important to balance liquidity and growth when investing the substantial money made from the sale of one’s home. While investing, it’s also crucial primarily to consider keeping the emergency fund safe. The location choice is also important, with many countries like Portugal, Belize, Thailand, and Italy that offer cheaper living and better healthcare.


Retirement decisions require more than just financial planning; it’s also necessary to consider and research the potential location. Before selling the property and moving abroad, it’s crucial to try living in the area temporarily to ensure the location aligns with the retired individual’s lifestyle. It’s also important to balance liquidity and growth when deciding on an investment strategy. Finally, consider keeping some money in reserve for emergencies, and examine countries that can offer better healthcare and low-cost living.

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