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Meeting Updates: Buffett Optimistic About Profits and AI


Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger answered questions at the annual shareholders meeting for Berkshire Hathaway on Saturday. The two billionaires talked on a wide range of topics such as artificial intelligence and America’s political divisions. The shareholders meeting, which many people from around the world attend, reported a profit of $35.5 billion in the first quarter, more than six times the previous year.

Buffett’s Thoughts on AI:

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence at Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholders meeting. Despite AI being potentially transformative, Buffett said new technology won’t take away opportunities for investors. He remains confident that America’s economy will continue to prosper, even though there are bitter political divisions. At a recent event, Buffett tried out ChatGPT with Bill Gates, which was considered an understatement of the company’s potential. He said artificial Intellgience will change the world, but AI-driven technology will not take away investment opportunities as there will always be somebody doing dumb things.

Berkshire Hathaway’s Financial Performance:

Buffett announced the company’s staggering first-quarter profit reached $35.5 billion, boosting the value of Class A shares to $24,377. Berkshire’s earnings are a reminder that the conglomerate is benefiting from the rebound of the US economy. Though three different analysts surveyed by data firm FactSet had hoped Berkshire would report $5,370.91 worth of operating earnings per Class A share, the company’s operating earnings stood at $8.065 billion.

Charlie Munger’s Thoughts on US-China Relations:

Both Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger stated that maintaining an open trading relationship between China and the US will benefit both countries. They cautioned that both countries should be careful not to exacerbate tensions – the stakes for the world are too high. “Everything that increases the tension between these two countries is stupid, stupid, stupid,” Munger said. From an interview with the press, Munger stated that it would be a terrible loss for the world if the US and China could not sustain a peaceful trading relationship.

Berkshire Hathaway’s Commercial Real Estate Market Prediction:

Buffett and Munger were of the opinion that the commercial real estate market could soon experience difficulties ahead. Munger warned that the downtown areas in America and elsewhere in the world will continue to face significant and unpleasant issues. Though Berkshire does not play a massive role in commercial real estate, Munger believes that the market may face further difficulties.

In the End, it’s the Basics:

Buffett’s and Munger’s replies to questions at the shareholders meeting indicate that success is easily achievable if we avoid toxic people and activities, keep learning throughout our lives, spend less than we earn, and avoid taking on too much risk where a single mistake can wipe us out. Summing up the meeting, Berkshire invested in Apple is a wonderful business because of how devoted consumers are to their iPhones, and purchasing it was a wise investment. Bernacke thinks the company is one of the few in the world where their customers are happy for them to keep upgrading. The shareholders meeting was remarkable and showed the depth of insight that Buffet and Munger have when it comes to identifying trends and risks in the market.

Related Facts:

  • Berkshire Hathaway’s investment in Apple was worth $108 billion in May 2023.
  • In 2023, Buffet’s net wealth was a reported $98.4 billion dollar.
  • Warren Buffet invested $10 billion in Occidental, which was a massive investment.

Key Takeaway:

Buffett and Munger have a broad and practical understanding of the market and what it takes to be successful. The company’s impressive profits and their investment in Apple provide ample evidence of their business acumen. They warn that partisanship leading to tribalism is tough to work with, and trading bets with China should be done with caution. Overall, the meeting provided a deep insight into Berkshire’s business operations and management style.


The Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting held on May 5, 2023, in Omaha has been the topic of discussion globally for its insights into the market and the insights of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. Investors worldwide hope to replicate their business success, and their words of advice apply to everyone, from the most successful CEOs to the common man. The meeting once again highlighted the magnificent vision behind Berkshire Hathaway and the drive and ambition of its two leaders.

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