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Mastering Investments: Understanding the Fictional Nature of Money.

Investment Masterclass: ‘Money is Basically a Fiction’

Money is a myth. This is the belief held by Rob Dix, a professional investor, podcaster, and author of the book The Price of Money: How to Prosper in a Financial World That’s Rigged Against You. Dix believes that money is created when loans are made, and with the increase in debt, there is now loads of money in circulation. He emphasizes that money is a fiction that everyone has chosen to believe in, and this has shaped the global monetary system which, in turn, affects our everyday personal finances.

But this belief isn’t the only thing that makes Dix stand out as an investor. He has spent the last ten years building up a national business in buy-to-let properties. This article will delve into his investment strategies, as well as share insights from his book.

Early Investment Beginnings

Dix’s obsession with investing began at a young age, when he started saving his pocket money. This behaviour was instilled in him by his parents, who were frugal and managed their finances responsibly. Dix discovered his passion for property investment later on, as he found it easy to understand and tangible. It became his gateway to investing in other areas.

The Creation of the Book, The Price of Money

The idea for the book came about during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the unprecedented events in the world of finance sparked Dix’s curiosity about what money actually is, and where it comes from. He found that he was good at personal finance, but not knowledgeable about the broader global monetary system. This led him to research and write The Price of Money.

Related Facts

– Dix’s book explores how the global monetary system is rigged against ordinary investors, and how they can still prosper in these conditions.
– He also highlights how the rise in inflation affects investments, and shares tips for investing in such an environment.
– Dix’s podcast, The Property Podcast, has over five million downloads and has been running for over a decade.
– He recommends investing in an area that you understand well and can easily monitor.

Key Takeaway

Dix’s view on money as a myth can be a difficult concept to digest, but it’s an interesting one to consider. It’s worth exploring how the monetary system works beyond personal finance to understand how it impacts our daily lives. Additionally, investing in an area that is tangible and manageable can be a great gateway to building wealth.


Rob Dix’s investment journey, coupled with his new book, sheds light on the monetary system and the impact it has on our everyday lives. It also highlights the importance of taking calculated, well-informed risks when investing. As Dix says, money may be a fiction, but it is one that we must build our financial future upon.

Denk Liu
Denk Liu
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