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Looking to Move to Croatia? Get in Touch with Dalmatica Mobility Group.

Relocating to Croatia? Meet Dalmatica Mobility Group

As Croatia continues to attract more and more foreigners and diaspora to its shores, the need for relocation services has risen sharply. Enter Bogdan Petrea, a Romanian entrepreneur based in Split, who has founded Dalmatica Mobility Group to cater to this growing demand. Petrea brings a wealth of global experience and connections to his boutique relocation service, making him a much-needed addition to the Croatian market.

Why base a business in Croatia, and specifically in Split?

After living in Split for a year, Petrea recognised the potential for a relocation service in Croatia. He saw numerous enquiries within expat groups for reliable international moving and shipping companies, and so he decided to take on the challenge. Given the stunning location and surroundings, Dalmatica Mobility Group was born.

What is Dalmatica Mobility Group’s competitive advantage in the market?

Petrea’s approach is focused on providing a very personalised and detailed service, rather than just focusing on the numbers like many of his competitors. This combined with his Global Mobility Specialist, Talent Management (GMS-T®) Designation, issued by the Worldwide ERC in Washington, DC, means that he is especially qualified to handle the complexities of global workforce and talent mobility.

What is the process of a typical move with Dalmatica Mobility Group?

While customers often request immediate pricing, Petrea aims to guide each client towards the best option for their specific needs. A free pre-move survey is the foundation of a successful relocation, allowing him to estimate the volume of goods, advise on transportation solutions, customs procedures, and restricted items for shipping. Once the pre-move survey is complete, Petrea provides a detailed and transparent quotation, and each customer is assigned a dedicated Move Manager to help them through the process from start to finish.

Related Facts:

– Dalmatica Mobility Group offer relocation services for customers moving to and from Croatia and the wider region.
– Petrea is the only person in Croatia to have obtained the Global Mobility Specialist, Talent Management (GMS-T®) Designation, adding a high level of credibility to his business.
– Dalmatica Mobility Group can assist with moving everything from household items to fine art, to and from even the most remote locations.

Key Takeaways:

As more and more people relocate to Croatia, there is a growing need for reliable relocation services. Dalmatica Mobility Group stands out with its personalised, boutique approach and global mobility credentials. Petrea’s expertise and passion for his work make him an excellent choice for anyone relocating to or from Croatia.


Relocating can be a stressful experience, but with the right help, it can also be a smooth and successful one. Dalmatica Mobility Group is a reliable and professional service that can handle all the complexities of moving to and from Croatia and beyond. Petrea and his team have earned a reputation for going the extra mile, so you can rest assured that your relocation is in good hands.

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