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Living on an old school bus helps us save $3,000 monthly on expenses.

Living on an Old School Bus: A Cost-Saving Adventure


In a world where people are constantly searching for ways to break free from the shackles of a monotonous routine, one couple from Canada has taken a bold step towards a more fulfilling and cost-effective lifestyle. Emilie Herbert and Matt Rogne decided to abandon their static life, selling their possessions and moving into a renovated school bus. Little did they know that this decision would not only bring them freedom and adventure but also help them save more than $3,000 a month on bills.

Elaborating on their Journey

Emilie and Matt were tired of their exhausting daily grind, with bills piling up and their efforts often barely enough to keep them afloat. It was during this period of frustration that they stumbled upon a YouTube video depicting a couple from Canada who had transformed a 1993 school bus into a nomadic home, embarking on a grand journey around the world. Inspired by this story, Emilie and Matt made the daring choice to trade their static existence for a life on the road.

After purchasing a school bus for a mere $5,000 in 2019, the adventurous couple spent $65,000 on renovations to transform it into their dream home on wheels. With their two cats, Noah and Chloe, and their faithful dog Kaia, they now live in a 300-square-foot space that provides them with everything they need.

Being able to travel wherever they please, Emilie and Matt have experienced breathtaking views and waking up to new horizons. Despite the small space, they have learned to live comfortably and make the most of their new lifestyle. Along the way, they have shared their journey with their 143,000 followers on Instagram, capturing the hearts of many with their inspiring story.

The Financial Benefits

While the desire for freedom and adventure was the primary motivation behind their decision, the financial benefits of their nomadic lifestyle have exceeded their expectations. Prior to their bus-dwelling days, Emilie and Matt’s monthly bills exceeded $6,000 as homeowners. Now, their monthly expenses have been slashed in half, saving them an impressive $3,000 each month.

This significant decrease in their financial burden includes contributions to investments, life insurance, weekly grocery bills, pet food, and even occasional dining out. By reducing their living expenses while still enjoying life on the road, this couple has uncovered a secret to financial stability and happiness.

Struggles and Rewards of Bus Living

While the benefits of living on a school bus are undeniable, Emilie and Matt have also encountered some challenges along the way. Adapting to the small space and finding personal alone time can be difficult in such close quarters. Nevertheless, they believe that the rewards of their nomadic lifestyle far outweigh the occasional struggles.

Living on a school bus has not only allowed the couple to explore beautiful landscapes and meet fascinating people during their three-year journey, but it has also taught them valuable lessons about communication and compromise. Sharing such a small space has inevitably forced them to improve their communication skills and find effective ways to resolve conflicts.

Related Facts

  • The couple bought their school bus for $5,000 and spent $65,000 on renovations.
  • Emilie and Matt have traveled across British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon on their bus.
  • Prior to their bus life, their monthly bills were over $6,000, which they have now reduced to $3,000.
  • The couple frequently shares their journey and provides tips to other campers on social media.

Key Takeaway

The story of Emilie Herbert and Matt Rogne’s decision to live on an old school bus is an inspiring tale of breaking free from the mundane, exploring the unknown, and embracing a more frugal way of life. Their choice not only satisfied their thirst for adventure but also yielded significant financial benefits. Their ability to cut down on living expenses while pursuing their passions is a lesson that many could learn from in their quest for financial stability and happiness. And as Emilie and Matt continue their journey, they serve as a reminder that sometimes, the path to a fulfilling life may lie in uncommon choices and unconventional living arrangements.


Emilie Herbert and Matt Rogne’s decision to sell their possessions and live on an old school bus has not only given them the freedom and adventure they craved but has also helped them save over $3,000 a month on bills. Their journey is a testament to the fact that breaking away from a monotonous routine can lead to a more fulfilling and cost-effective lifestyle. As they continue to explore the world from the comfort of their renovated bus, they inspire others to reconsider their own priorities and find joy and financial stability in unconventional ways.

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