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Living in a Gilded Cage: A Peek into the Life of the Royal Family

The Life of the Royal Family: What’s it Like in the Gilded Cage?

It’s hard enough being observed and scrutinized by peers, but it takes on a different dimension when it’s the world’s media. Being a royal might look like a dream life to some, but experts who study the royal family claim that it’s actually a “gilded cage.” Let’s take a closer look at what it means to be a part of the monarchy.

Being a Royal has its Perks

The salary of the British monarch is, well, anything but mediocre. Currently, Her Majesty the Queen’s net worth is estimated to be around £370 million, a fortune that only gets higher. With that amount of wealth, they have virtually limitless freedom to travel in luxury, have the best food and drink at their disposal, and have an army of people to attend to their every need. They can buy anything they want, and it’s unlikely that they will run out of money anytime soon.

The royal family disposes of some of the most coveted artifacts and artwork across the world. Even their country homes are grand, and some are steeped in history, like the famous Buckingham Palace.

The Drawbacks of Royalty

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between admiration and scrutiny for the royals. For instance, on those rare times that they can enjoy private life, they’re probably always worried about being spotted by paparazzi or stalkerish fans. Furthermore, most royals don’t have the freedom to make personal statements on hot-button topics, champions causes, or take on a career as their lives are entirely taken up by the tasks involved with their public roles.

The trouble with being a royal is they can easily fall victim to rumors, gossip, and other people’s negative opinions. In some cases, they may find it impossible to be themselves in public, and even their personalities can be put under the spotlight. This is why some experts have equated royal life with living in a “gilded cage.”

The Reality of Royal Life

Despite what some people believe, there’s no doubt that royal life is steeped in tradition and protocol. It’s not a place where one can let their guard down and be themselves. Yet, despite the constraints of life within the Palace walls or on official Royal tours and reminders, the media doesn’t capture the many joys that come with the privilege of being part of this elite and exclusive club. The royal family has a vast support network, filled with servants, loyal aides, and family members who support them without question. They get to travel the world, meet different people, and receive invitations that might never come to other people.

To be sure, there are days where the glare can be too overwhelming, but at the same time, many of them would say they cherish their place in history and the rare opportunities provided by their royal line.

Related Facts

  • It’s estimated that the Royal family costs the British taxpayer around £60 million per annum.
  • The Princess Royal (Princess Anne) is thought to be the hardest-working royal, carrying out around 500 engagements each year compared to her brother, the Duke of York, who did around 250.
  • Prince Charles has been the longest-waiting heir-apparent in British history.

Key Takeaway

It’s clear that being a royal has its perks and drawbacks, with the latter mostly being centered around the lack of personal freedom and being under scrutiny. Even so, a privileged lifestyle marks the life of every member of the royal family, with most of them believing that the positives of the royal life outweigh the negative points.


In conclusion, what’s it like living in a gilded cage? Well, it depends on your perspective. Although the Royal family has enormous wealth and many perks of their elevated status, there is no real freedom or privacy. Their lives are entirely public, and they are always under a microscope. However, at the same time, it’s a life that offers nothing but advantages: you’ll never run out of money, you’ll travel the world, and you’ll have access to history that most people can only read about.

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