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Life of a Broken Hill lawyer on the border: Exploring the Law Society Journal

On the border: The life of a Broken Hill lawyer

Living in a remote desert city near the border of New South Wales and South Australia may not be everyone’s idea of a dream job and lifestyle, but for Legal Aid lawyer Steven Wright, it has become just that. Originally intending to stay in Broken Hill for only six months, Wright has now been there for four years and has fallen in love with the town and its unique charm.

An unexpected adventure

Wright, originally from the Snowy Mountains, was working for Legal Aid in Dubbo when the opportunity to move to Broken Hill came up. It was actually his partner who agreed to the move during a dinner conversation with Wright’s boss. Thinking it would be a short adventure and a chance to explore a different part of the country, Wright and his partner quickly fell in love with Broken Hill and decided to stay.

Broken Hill, known for its mining history and stunning desert landscapes, has a lot to offer. Despite the town’s distance from major cities, it is a place where people quickly become close, forming strong bonds with one another. Wright mentions that the town’s diversity was particularly unexpected, with a fascinating mix of people from different backgrounds and professions coming together to create a vibrant community.

A town of surprises

One of the biggest surprises for Wright was discovering Broken Hill’s thriving drag culture. The town, known as the setting for the iconic Australian film “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,” has a vibrant drag scene that is integrated with the local community. Wright admits to attending more drag acts in Broken Hill than he ever imagined, and he appreciates how it shares a space with the traditional front bar where all the men gather.

Aside from the cultural surprises, Wright also enjoys the convenience of living in Broken Hill. With a small population and short distances to travel, his commute to work takes only a few minutes. Footpaths may be plentiful, but walking is not a common practice in Broken Hill. Instead, locals prefer to drive around until they find a parking spot close to their destination.

And let’s not forget about the coffee shops. Wright insists that the coffee in Broken Hill rivals that of bigger cities, making it a pleasant surprise for someone who appreciates a good cup of java.

Challenges and rewards

As a practice manager for Legal Aid NSW’s Broken Hill office, Wright represents clients in criminal matters and leads a team of lawyers in various areas of law. Covering an area about the size of Germany, Wright often has to travel long distances for work. While there are no radio stations between locations, podcasts keep him company on the road.

Despite the challenges, Wright finds great satisfaction in his work and the impact he can make on people’s lives. Serving the community in a remote location has its unique rewards, and Wright has developed strong relationships with his clients and colleagues.

Related Facts:

– Broken Hill is a historic mining town known for its rich silver, zinc, and lead deposits.
– The Palace Hotel in Broken Hill gained fame as the setting for the movie “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.”
– Broken Hill has a diverse and inclusive community, with a thriving drag culture that is integrated into the local bar scene.

Key Takeaway:

Steven Wright’s unexpected adventure in Broken Hill has turned into a fulfilling job and lifestyle. The town’s unique charm, vibrant community, surprising cultural scene, and convenient living have made it a place that Wright and his partner now call home.


What started as a six-month adventure for Steven Wright turned into a love affair with Broken Hill. As a Legal Aid lawyer, Wright has found fulfillment in serving the community and enjoys the incredible lifestyle the town offers. From its diverse and welcoming community to its surprising cultural scene, Broken Hill has proven to be an unexpected gem in the remote Australian outback.

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