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Lawmakers Face Difficulty in Grasping A.I. Advancements

As A.I. Booms, Lawmakers Struggle to Understand the Technology

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) has been on the rise, provoking both excitement and fear, as developments have far-reaching implications for the future of work, privacy, and society. While lawmakers have sounded the alarm on the dangers of A.I., little action has been taken to protect individuals or prevent the development of its potentially dangerous aspects. This inaction is due to a lack of understanding of what A.I. is and the complications it presents. Companies are racing to create the technology while lawmakers struggle to regulate it.

Lawmakers Lagging Behind

Few U.S. lawmakers seem to grasp the potential of A.I. and the dangers it poses. Representative Ted Lieu and Representative Jake Auchincloss have voiced concern over A.I., but there is little effort to put regulations in place to protect individuals. While legislation focused on limiting potential A.I. dangers has been introduced in recent years, none have been passed.

Representative Jay Obernolte, a California Republican and the only member of Congress with a master’s degree in artificial intelligence, noted that lawmakers do not have a deep understanding of A.I. before it can be regulated. He believes that the lack of understanding creates a barrier for effective regulation.

The Technology Has Outrun Government Regulation

The pattern of lawmakers lagging behind new technology is not new, as they once struggled to comprehend the internet, for instance. As a result, companies have pushed for fewer regulations to maintain the industry’s competitiveness, claiming that more rules would slow innovation. As A.I. advances, Silicon Valley tech giants including Google, Amazon, and Meta are racing to create A.I. ahead of one another.

The spread of A.I. has generated a debate over its limits. While some are excited about its potential benefits, others fear that it could replace humans in jobs or become more sentient.

Regulatory Vacuums

The lack of regulation surrounding A.I. encourages companies to prioritize their financial interests at the expense of public safety. The lack of guardrails raises the potential for irresponsible A.I. development to create a race to the bottom. The European Union is leading with its own regulatory framework for A.I. In 2021, policymakers proposed a law to regulate A.I. technologies with the potential to create the most harm, like facial recognition and applications linked to critical public infrastructure.


Lawmakers’ lack of understanding of A.I. will pose pressing issues as the technology continues to grow, and their awareness of its implications will be vital in regulating the technology. As it stands, lack of regulation could negatively impact public safety, and companies prioritizing finances over ethical considerations can lead to more risks. A.I. development should be more balanced, with measures focused on both reaping its benefits and ensuring societal risks are minimized.

Related Facts

– In 2021, E.U. policymakers proposed fines up to 6% of their global revenue for A.I. companies that violate laws to conduct risk assessments.
– Laws passed that curb A.I. applications like facial recognition have struggled to gain momentum in Congress.
– The lack of regulatory guardrails might also mean that people face more opportunities to be tracked, followed, or surveilled without their knowledge.

Key Takeaway

The lack of understanding about artificial intelligence and its implications is concerning, especially among lawmakers who need to legislate and regulate innovation. As A.I. continues to develop more advanced applications, regulation, and ethical considerations become more critical to protect the public from potential harm.

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