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Justine Bateman criticizes Hollywood’s dependence on AI, citing technology’s detachment from humanity.

Justine Bateman Slams AI Use in Hollywood, Says Technology is “Getting Away from Being Human”

In a recent interview with Fox News Digital, former “Family Ties” star Justine Bateman expressed her strong opposition to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Hollywood. Bateman, who is now a director, argues that technology should only be used to solve problems that humans have, and that replacing writers with AI is not a solution. According to her, Hollywood does not lack writers, directors, or talented people, and AI is negatively impacting human nature.

Bateman also believes that the use of AI in Hollywood poses a monetary concern, one rooted in greed. By eliminating the costs associated with talent and production, Hollywood studios can create more content quickly and inexpensively and achieve greater profits. She sees this as a troubling trend that diminishes the humanity of entertainment.

Bateman cites the use of AI for special effects and digitally editing actors’ faces as evidence of the widespread use of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry. However, she questions the effectiveness of de-aging technology, which can make a 75-year-old actor look like they’re 30 but move like they’re 75 years old.

Amid the ongoing Hollywood writers’ strike, Bateman also raises concerns that AI could be used to steal writers’ work. She argues that feeding AI scripts from other writers is plagiarism, and the use of such technology could have disastrous effects on the industry.

Related Facts:
– The Hollywood writers’ strike started on November 1, 2021, and involves nearly 10,000 writers who are seeking better pay and working conditions.
– Some Hollywood studios, such as Lucasfilms, have used AI for several years to scan actors and create digital versions of them for special effects.
– The use of AI in Hollywood has been a source of controversy for some time, with some arguing that it threatens to replace human creativity and passion with soulless automation.

Key Takeaway:
Justine Bateman’s comments on AI in Hollywood underscore the need for a nuanced and thoughtful approach to technology in entertainment. While AI can offer many benefits, such as improved special effects and more efficient production processes, it should not come at the expense of human creativity and expression. As the entertainment industry continues to grapple with the impact of AI and other technological advancements, it will be vital to strike a balance between innovation and humanity.

Artificial intelligence has become an increasingly important tool in the entertainment industry, but it has also raised concerns about its impact on human creativity, expression, and labor. Justine Bateman’s criticisms of AI use in Hollywood highlight the importance of maintaining a human touch in entertainment. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be crucial for creators, studios, and audiences alike to consider the ethical and creative implications of new technologies. Ultimately, the goal should be to use technology to enhance human talent and creativity, not replace it.

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