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Jason Reynolds: Exploring Black Culture as a Lifestyle and Design.

Black Culture as Design and Lifestyle: At Home with Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds, the award-winning author and advocate for reading literacy, doesn’t just write stories for young adults that resonate with Black culture. He lives it, too, through his bold and intentional design choices in his home.


Jason Reynolds has always been intentional about ensuring that Black culture is placed front and center. His mission is to empower the younger generation through his writing, and his home is a reflection of this. His eclectic design choices highlight his commitment to bringing Black culture to the forefront of mainstream design and lifestyle.

Pieces of the Past

Jason Reynolds sees the present as a bridge that connects the past and future, and he always has them both in view. His home is filled with pieces of the past, each catalyst for his work in the present. A rejection letter his grandmother received decades ago after failing to qualify for a job as an office cleaner because she couldn’t pass the written test hangs on his wall as a reminder of the importance of his work.

Color is King

Color plays a significant role in Reynolds’ design choices. His home’s white walls serve as a backdrop for bold, bright colors that flood each room, creating a kaleidoscope effect that fills the space with energy. This intentional use of color is meant to enhance the mood and create a sense of joy and optimism.

A Fusion of Design Influences

Reynolds’ design influences are far-reaching, drawing equally from Eastern thought and traditional Black design. His mother’s love of meditation and music inspired him to create a meditation space in his home, which he uses daily.

Related Facts

  • Jason Reynolds is a New York Times bestselling author, having written more than a dozen books for young adults.
  • His advocacy for reading literacy and empowering young people has led him to become a sought-after speaker and presenter, often visiting schools and juvenile detention centers.
  • Jason’s mother is an important influence on his life and his design choices. Her eclectic tastes in art and design are reflected in his home today.

Key Takeaway

Black culture is a vital part of design and lifestyle. Jason Reynolds’ intentional use of color and design choices serve as a reminder that Black culture should be celebrated and reflected in mainstream design and lifestyle.


Jason Reynolds’ home is a true reflection of his values and his commitment to empowering young people through reading literacy and Black culture. His use of bold, bright color and eclectic design choices is both refreshing and inspiring. His mission to bring Black culture to the forefront of mainstream design shows that Black culture has a place in all aspects of modern life, including design and lifestyle.

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Denk Liu
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