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Is it Worth the Money to Invest in a Medical Pedicure?

Is a Medical Pedicure Worth the Money?


When I first heard about medical pedicures, I was both intrigued and skeptical. Was it just another indulgence or something more beneficial for my feet? I decided to investigate and booked an appointment at Medi Pedi NYC. What I experienced there made me question whether a medical pedicure is really worth the money.

Meeting Marcela Correa

Upon arriving at Medi Pedi NYC, I was greeted warmly by Marcela Correa, the owner. She showed me to a room equipped with dental-like machines, giving the impression that this was a serious foot treatment. As I later learned, Correa and her staff are state-licensed medical nail technicians with advanced training. This level of expertise provided me with some reassurance.

Evaluating Foot Issues

Before starting the treatment, my technician, Aisha, asked if I had any medical issues she should be aware of. This initial evaluation indicated that medical pedicures can address various foot issues, such as corns, callouses, athlete’s foot, cracked heels, and nail fungus. Nail fungus, in particular, is a common problem among older women. It became clear that a medical pedicure offers more than just pampering.

The Importance of Sterilization

One concern I had was the cleanliness of the tools used during the treatment. But Correa assured me that all tools at Medi Pedi NYC are sterilized in an autoclave between clients. She even went as far as to say that the tools could be used in my mouth if needed. This level of hygiene is crucial, especially when dealing with foot issues that could easily spread if not properly treated.

The Process of a Medi-Pedi

During the treatment, Aisha followed a meticulous process. She removed the old polish, took photos of my feet for progress tracking, sprayed a callous softener, and used a hydrogel sheet to moisturize my soles and heels. Aisha then trimmed my nails with a cuticle scissor, explaining that it allows for better control over the nail shape. Next came a multivitamin-oil spray and a witch hazel spray, followed by a careful cleaning of the cuticles using a ceramic drill bit.

The Relaxing Exfoliation

The most relaxing part of the treatment was when my soles were exfoliated using a simple foot file. Aisha’s gentle touch and the continuous removal of dead skin left my heels feeling remarkably soft and pink. This step alone made me question whether I could achieve the same results at home with a drugstore foot file.

Related Facts:

  • Certification for medical nail technicians varies by state, but it generally allows them to treat various foot issues.
  • Foot problems can be a major hindrance as we age, making regular pedicures or medical pedicures even more important.
  • Walking is a key factor in aging well, according to Dr. Suzanne Levine, a board-certified podiatric surgeon.

Key Takeaway

While a medical pedicure may seem like a luxury, its benefits extend beyond pampering. The expertise of licensed technicians, the focus on addressing foot issues, and the emphasis on hygiene make it worth considering. Additionally, the transformative results of a deep exfoliation make it a treatment that can’t be easily replicated at home.


After experiencing a medical pedicure at Medi Pedi NYC, I must admit that it was worth the money. The thoroughness of the treatment and the positive effects it had on my feet left me feeling both pampered and rejuvenated. A medical pedicure is not just an indulgence but rather a necessary investment in foot health and overall well-being.

Denk Liu
Denk Liu
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