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Instantly Transform Your Rental Property: Insights from Dara Huang on 3 Key Elements

Dara Huang Reveals the 3 Things That Will Instantly Transform a Rental Property

As someone who is well versed in the world of architecture, interior design, and entrepreneurship, Dara Huang understands the importance of turning a house into a home. And while most of us may not have the luxury of owning our own property, there are simple things we can do to transform a rental into a calm and cosy space. During a recent interview with My Happy Home, Huang shared her three biggest tips, along with what we would find in her bedside drawer.

What Makes Dara Huang Happiest at Home?

Spending time with her son, hands down. Huang explains that while she could be a stay-at-home mom, she enjoys her work too much to ever give it up completely. However, when she comes home, she cherishes the time spent with her son and considers it her happy place.

Tell Us About Your Childhood Home

Huang’s childhood home was very normal and modest, located in Titusville, Florida where her dad worked for NASA. She had a happy childhood filled with bike riding, playing outside, and eating dinner with her family every night. Despite its simplicity, Huang has zero complaints about her childhood home and treasures the memories made there.

What’s the First Thing You Like to Do When You Get Home?

While Huang initially jokes about putting her keys and coat away, the reality is that she usually has bags of stuff with her that she throws off to the side. Depending on whether or not her son is with her, she spends time catching up on messages and doing homework, if necessary. Huang admits that since having kids, the bathroom has become her place of solitude to get a few minutes of peace and quiet.

Which Room Do You Spend the Most Time In and How Did You Decorate It?

Huang believes that the living room is crucial because it’s where you spend time with family and guests. Despite living in a rental, Huang has added personal touches to the space by changing the pendant light, adding lamps for indirect lighting, and incorporating oversized linen artwork. She also has a large toy closet built-in for her son’s toys and other items to keep the room neat and tidy. Huang likes neutral colours and comfortable furnishings, such as cashmere blankets, throws and rugs.

What is the View Outside Your Bedroom Window?

Currently, Huang’s bedroom has an internal view of another building, although she pushed her bed against the window to make use of the natural sunlight. She also has a fireplace that adds to the cozy ambiance of the room.

What Would We Find in Your Bedside Table?

In Huang’s bedside table, you’ll find water, her iPhone, and a variety of chargers. She also keeps eucalyptus oil on hand for a pleasant scent that may help her sleep better.

Related Facts

  • Dara Huang is an American architect and interior designer who lives in London with her son.
  • Huang is the founder of Design Haus Liberty, an architecture firm, and Dara Maison, an upcoming decor and furniture business.
  • She is currently a judge on The Big Interiors Battle on Channel 4 hosted by AJ Odudu.

Key Takeaway

Even if you’re living in a rental property, there are simple things you can do to make it feel like home, from personal touches like lighting and artwork to making use of space for storage and functionality. Dara Huang’s tips show that with a little creativity and ingenuity, you can transform any space into a calming and comfortable one.


If you’re looking to turn your rental property into a peaceful retreat, take inspiration from Dara Huang’s tips and start thinking about how you can add personal touches and incorporate multi-functional spaces. By following her advice, you too can make your home a haven that brings you joy and happiness.

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