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Increasing Revenue: Leveraging Hotel Technology Stack by Top-Performing Independent Resort Operators

How Top-Performing Independent Resort Operators Are Leveraging Their Hotel Tech Stack to Increase Revenue


As the travel industry starts to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, hotels are preparing for a busy summer of leisure travel. For resort hotels across the industry, success during this period will be determined by their ability to improve ancillary revenue from across their property. However, with limited available labor in the industry, hoteliers need to ensure their property has the right technology in place to maximize the return on their revenue-generating goods and services—especially independent operators.

Joining Forces

Many hotel operators have taken a reactive approach to technology investment, taking on new tools only when absolutely necessary. However, this strategy often leaves hoteliers with a poorly planned technology approach that cannot accommodate new needs through either the feature set of the incumbent solutions or support of third-party integrations. To avoid this obstacle, hoteliers must rethink their tech stack before it becomes a barrier to their operating potential, and ensure they can take advantage of all that is available in the industry to stay competitive.

For independent operators, working with a comprehensive tech partner provides several benefits. Firstly, it limits the number of relationships these operators need to manage to provide the analytics and integrations needed to offer a high-quality stay experience. Furthermore, these partners allow hotels to simplify their tech stack. When hotels align with the right property management system, overseeing many key elements of hotel operations on the same platform quickly becomes possible, simplifying training, and daily operations. Finally, when a tech stack is arranged to share information between departments more fluidly and efficiently through a centralized single guest profile database, resort hotels can capitalize on ancillary services and advanced pricing models using readily available consumer data based on an abundance of factors and preferences.

Really Understanding Your Guest

Consumer data is helping hotels understand guests better than ever before and their perspectives throughout the booking journey from beginning to end. Hotels that have embraced a connected tech stack have been able to provide a more targeted stay experience for their guests at the best possible rate for the hotel, and much of the process is automated. These capabilities are no longer the domain of the big brands. Independent operators should ask themselves what their tech stack is doing with their data and whether or not its use is optimized or accessible at the granular level, ultimately driving repeat business.

Related Facts

– Ancillary revenue is defined as revenue generated from goods and services other than room rates.
– A proper tech stack can help improve the guest experience, make operations more efficient, and increase revenue.
– Understanding consumer data is essential to providing targeted, personalized experiences for guests.

Key Takeaway

By aligning with the right tech partner and utilizing consumer data, independent resort operators can improve their guest experience and increase ancillary revenue.


In today’s competitive hospitality industry, independent resort operators must take full advantage of their tech stack to maximize revenue and differentiate themselves from the competition. A comprehensive tech partner and the utilization of consumer data are essential to providing a well-targeted stay experience and improving ancillary revenue. By taking a proactive approach to technology investment, resort operators can ensure they are best positioned to meet the needs of their guests and increase their bottom line.

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