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In 2023, Why Workplace Technology is a Necessity for Utah Leaders

Why Utah Leaders Need Workplace Technology in 2023

As Utah takes the top spot for economic outlook, businesses are looking to expand and grow their teams. This creates a challenge for HR professionals to find ways to recruit, engage and retain top talent. With only 32% of workers feeling engaged at work, it’s time for businesses to invest in workplace technology to help HR teams work more effectively, empower employees and improve overall business performance.

How Workplace Technology Helps HR Pros in Challenging Circumstances

Manual tasks can hold back even the most exceptional talent. With over half of employees still requesting PTO/vacation through email or paper-based processes, HR professionals are left with constant data entry and potential inaccuracy. This results in lower job satisfaction and less time for employee engagement programs. Workplace technology with self-service capabilities can empower employees to access their information and take necessary actions. This reduces manual redundancy and gives HR professionals more time to pursue transformative and strategic objectives.

Workplace Technology Engages Employees

Outdated or inefficient technology is a drag on productivity and eventually impacts the employer brand. Employees want and expect great workplace technology to match the convenience they have in their personal lives. Frustrated with outdated tech, employees are willing to take a pay cut to have better workplace tools. The right self-service HR tech benefits employees and empowers them to manage their data, build a development journey, provide feedback, and ask questions. Ensuring accurate payroll is critical, especially during hard economic times.

How Workplace Technology Increases ROI and Compliance

The right HR tech gives organizations a measurable impact on the bottom line. One in five U.S. payrolls contain errors, costing an average of $291 per error. The most time-consuming mistakes take up to 29 40-hour weeks to fix per 1,000 employees. Workplace technology with analytics can reduce manual costs and duplicated tasks. Data security should also be a focus for every business. Automated HR tech reduces the possibility of data theft or costly compliance fines.

Related Facts

– Utah’s economy is projected to increase by 4%
– Utah’s unemployment rate is at 2.3%
– The average duration of employment in Utah is 5.1 years

Key Takeaway

As Utah’s economy grows, businesses must invest in workplace technology to keep up with the competition. The right HR tech can help HR professionals work more effectively, empower employees, and improve overall business performance. It can also boost ROI and compliance while reducing labor costs.


The benefits of workplace technology are clear. Not only does it make work easier for HR professionals, but it empowers employees and helps increase overall business performance. With Utah taking the top spot for economic outlook, businesses must invest in the right HR tech to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. The use of workplace technology will help Utah businesses attract and retain top talent and stay ahead of the competition.

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