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Improving Resident ‘Wellspan’ through Membership-Based Programming at Juniper

How Membership-Based Programming Improves Resident ‘Wellspan’ at Juniper Communities

As the baby boomer generation enters senior living communities nationwide, Juniper Communities is reimagining how it reaches this new cohort of consumers. The Bloomfield, New Jersey-based senior living operator launched Catalyst, a program where residents pay a membership fee on top of their monthly rates to access lifestyle concierge services. This membership approach has been critical in maximizing residents’ wellspan, adding not only years to their lives but good years.

Personalizing Lifestyle and Care for the Next Generation

The Catalyst program helps Juniper Communities connect not just with its residents but also a crucial and relatively untapped market for operators: older adults who don’t reside in senior housing. Through subscription-based services and technology-supported offerings, the program extends its services to a wide range of people. It creates a personalized experience for residents by understanding their goals, preferences, and personalities. By offering different programs, the company can personalize their care and support wellness better.

Tech as an ‘Invisible Touchstone’

With the pandemic forcing senior living operators to continue various activities remotely, the use of technology in communities has accelerated. But Juniper Communities’ efforts with Catalyst go beyond connecting with residents remotely. The company aims to integrate and evolve its use of technology to be an “invisible touchstone” for residents to interact with seamlessly. Currently, residents can access the Catalyst through a tech-supported platform, which will continue to improve over time.

Related Facts:
– Juniper Communities, Ohio Living, and Christian Living Communities formed the Perennial Consortium, an operator-owned Medicare Advantage network to improve quality of care and maximize the revenue upside of MA.
– The Connect4Life model helps Juniper improve workflows, wield new technology, and allocate staffing resources to keep residents healthier and happier.
– The use of technology in senior living communities includes content management systems, sensors in rooms, and virtual reality.

Key Takeaway:
As the baby boomer generation enters senior living communities, operators must personalize care and maximize residents’ wellspan. Subscription-based services and technology-supported programming, such as Juniper Communities’ Catalyst program, will be critical in reaching a wider range of individuals and provide a personalized experience for residents.

In conclusion, the Catalyst program at Juniper Communities is a promising approach to personalized care and support wellness, making use of new technology and extending its services to a wider audience. It reflects a new era of senior living that goes beyond providing good care to enhancing the quality of residents’ lives.

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