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Improving Accessibility for People with Hearing Loss with Intel’s Technology

Intel is at the forefront of efforts to make technology more accessible to people with hearing loss. With over 1.5 billion people suffering from hearing loss worldwide, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is driving awareness of the importance of accessible technology. Here are just some of the ways Intel is working to improve accessibility:

Increasing Access to Hearing Aids

In collaboration with Accenture and 3DP4ME, Intel is using 3D printing to provide custom-fitted hearing aids to children in developing countries. Previously, the manufacturing process was so slow and expensive it could take months to make just a few hearing aids. However, with 3D printing, the process is much quicker and more affordable, allowing 3DP4ME to scale up and reach more people in need.

Improving Hearing Aid Connectivity

Another area of focus for Intel is improving the user experience when connecting hearing aids to PCs. Intel is working with top hearing aid vendors to use Bluetooth LE Audio, which enables a direct connection between hearing aids and Intel Evo PCs. This new form of connectivity can eliminate the need for intermediary devices like dongles or dedicated boxes, creating a wireless connection that can significantly improve the user experience.

Providing a Clearer Audio Experience

Intel’s CCG Accessibility Project includes several initiatives, such as Ambient-Aware AI Platform, that goes beyond solving connectivity problems. All Ears is one such initiative, a platform that acts as a Bluetooth LE hearing assistant, particularly useful in noisy environments. It recognizes critical sounds the user cares about and offers a visual notification on their screen for noises that are happening in their environment.

Key Takeaways

Intel is working to improve accessibility for those with hearing loss in several ways. By using 3D printing technology, the company can provide custom hearing aids quickly and more affordably. Meanwhile, efforts to improve hearing aid connectivity to PCs and providing an ambient-aware AI platform all serve to improve the user experience for people with hearing disabilities.

Related Facts

Intel has been working on accessibility for years, with initiatives like Eyes First for people with ALS and Stephen Hawking. They’ve also donated equipment to universities to help improve accessibility in education.


Intel believes that improving accessibility should be an industry-wide responsibility, and it is leading the way. With technology serving as a central aspect of human life, accessibility for all is essential for everyone to participate fully in all aspects of life. As society continues to become more dependent on technology, Intel is committed to making that technology more accessible to all people, including those with hearing loss.

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