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Ignoring a fraudulent transaction on my card: A dilemma faced by The Debt Panel.

The Debt Panel: ‘My bank is ignoring a fraudulent transaction on my card’

It’s a nightmare scenario for anyone who uses a credit or debit card: noticing an unauthorised transaction on your account and trying to get your bank to take action. For one individual in Dubai, the situation became even more complicated when the issuing bank was acquired by another lender, causing confusion and delay in resolving the fraudulent charge. Despite following the bank’s instructions, the victim has yet to receive a refund and now faces the threat of legal action for unpaid dues. This case highlights the importance of taking swift action in the event of fraud and being persistent in pursuing a resolution.

Bank Mergers and Acquisitions Pose Risks for Customers

As noted by Steve Cronin, founder of, bank mergers and acquisitions can create problems for customers. Personal data may be lost or improperly transferred, and customers may be left feeling adrift when their usual bank disappears. Such disruptions can also leave customers more vulnerable to fraud, as hackers and criminals seize the opportunity to exploit weaknesses in bank systems. In this case, the victim had already paid off their credit card to the tune of Dh22,000, but had kept the card open. When a fraudulent transaction worth Dh12,000 appeared, the victim immediately tried to block the card, but their efforts were ultimately unsuccessful.

Documentation is Key in Resolving Credit and Debit Card Disputes

Cronin suggests that the victim may have increased their chances of a successful resolution by closing the credit card after paying it off, ensuring they received a letter of no liability, and keeping careful records of any communication with the bank. Having a written record of the bank’s instructions and promises can be particularly useful in a dispute, as it can bolster a customer’s claim that they did everything asked of them and the bank did not meet its obligations. However, even with good documentation, resolving a fraud case can be challenging.

Persistence is Key in Resolving Credit and Debit Card Disputes

Cronin recommends that the victim take a proactive approach to resolving their case. This may involve contacting the bank repeatedly through multiple channels (phone, email, in-person visits), seeking out different representatives or departments within the bank, and escalating the case to the UAE Central Bank’s Consumer Protection Unit if necessary. Being persistent and insistent can be helpful in getting the bank to take the issue seriously and potentially avoid the need for legal action. However, if a resolution cannot be reached through these means, the victim may need to consult a lawyer for guidance.

Related Facts:

– Bank mergers and acquisitions can increase the risk of fraud and disruption for customers.
– Closing credit cards after paying them off and receiving letters of no liability can help protect against fraud and liability.
– Documenting all communication with the bank can be crucial in resolving disputes.
– Persistently following up with the bank through multiple channels may be necessary to resolve a card dispute.
– Escalating a dispute to the UAE Central Bank’s Consumer Protection Unit may be necessary if the bank fails to resolve the issue.

Key Takeaway:

Dealing with fraudulent charges on credit and debit cards can be extremely stressful and time-consuming, but documentations, persistence, and the right strategy can be helpful to resolve the issue. Taking steps such as closing cards, receiving letters of no liability, and keeping careful records of communication with banks can all contribute to a stronger case for getting compensation or resolving the issue. However, in some cases it may be necessary to escalate the issue to higher authorities or seek legal advice. Overall, it pays to be proactive, persistent, and thorough when dealing with card disputes.


The case of a victim whose bank has ignored a fraudulent transaction on their card highlights the challenges and frustrations of dealing with such issues. Bank mergers and acquisitions, along with other disruptions, can leave customers more vulnerable to fraud and liability, making it all the more important to take steps to protect oneself and maintain careful documentation of any communication with banks. Persistence and a strategic approach can also be useful in getting banks to take the issue seriously and potentially avoiding the need for legal action.

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