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Ideal Match: Lake Placid Health Firm Extending to Skaneateles

Pure-fect fit: Lake Placid wellness company expanding to Skaneateles

In recent years, downtown Skaneateles has seen a significant increase in the number of stores and restaurants that cater to tourists and residents alike. One of the latest additions to the village, opening this Saturday, is a two-story store of Pure Placid. Founder Marcy Miller was inspired to expand her natural home fragrance and body care company to Skaneateles after her mother’s 75th birthday dinner at The Krebs restaurant. Miller’s love for Skaneateles, the turquoise lake, and its quaint village lifestyle made her believe that her business is a “Pure-fect fit” for the area.

Related Facts:

– Pure Placid was founded in 2014 by Marcy Miller in her Lake Placid kitchen.
– The company offers 13 signature scents, including Mount Marcy, inspired by the Adirondacks.
– The Skaneateles store will not only sell Pure Placid products, but also offer a candle bar where guests can create their own candles and daily 45-minute classes.
– The expansion marks the company’s second retail store and its first store outside of the Adirondacks.
– Despite the pandemic, Pure Placid’s online business “blew up,” resulting in a need for a larger manufacturing facility and the expansion into Skaneateles.

Key Takeaway:

The expansion of Pure Placid to Skaneateles highlights the growing trend of wellness-focused stores and businesses in downtown Skaneateles. Marcy Miller’s passion for natural home fragrance and body care, as well as her use of essential oils, reflect a growing demand for organic and sustainable products in the wellness industry. The Skaneateles store adds to the village’s charm and encourages visitors to unwind, relax, and indulge in a “Pure-fect” shopping experience.


As the wellness industry continues to grow, Skaneateles’ expansion of retail businesses like Pure Placid demonstrates the residents’ and tourists’ commitment to seeking and promoting wholistic products and services. Pure Placid’s expansion is a welcome addition to the village and is expected to add to the town’s draw as a popular tourist destination. It is a Pure-fect fit for both Lake Placid and Skaneateles and is a nod to the Adirondacks’ natural beauty and surrounding areas.

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