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How I Treated My Mom like Royalty on Mother’s Day with Breakfast in Bed, a Home Spa, and a Surprise

Breakfast in Bed, At-Home Spa Experience and a Surprise: Here’s How I Pampered My Mum Like a Queen for Mother’s Day This Year


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s a day dedicated to celebrating the strength, love, and guidance of the rock in our lives – our mums. My mum has always been my guiding force, an independent woman who embodies the qualities I hope to emulate in my life. While we’ve had our differences growing up, I know that deep down, she’s always been cheering me on. This Mother’s Day, I wanted to show her just how much I appreciate her.

9am: Rise and Dine

Ever since I was a child, my mum has always been up early, making sure that breakfast is ready to fuel us for the day. But this Mother’s Day, it was time to reverse roles and pamper her with a meal fit for a queen. I turned to my trusty delivery platform foodpanda and found a homely bakery, Bread and Butter Bakehouse, offering freshly-baked pastries and aromatic coffee. I ordered the foodpanda exclusive combo for two, which included cheese butter thick toasties, a turkey ham and cheese sandwich, two muffins, and two cups of coffee. The food arrived in just 45 minutes, and my mum was surprised and delighted by the spread. Plus, with foodpanda’s promo code ‘LIKEAPANDA,’ I got a $6 discount on my bill with a minimum spend of $28.

10.30am: A Mid-Morning Surprise

A bouquet of flowers is a timeless way to show love and appreciation on Mother’s Day. While scrolling through foodpanda’s marketplace, foodpanda shops, I found 1 Florist & Gifts and ordered a bouquet of red and pink carnations – my mum’s favourite colours. The flowers arrived fresh in just an hour, delicately packaged in pink and purple crepe paper with a striking red bow. Seeing my mum’s face light up at the sight of the bouquet made every cent and effort worth it.

2pm: Rejuvenate with a Home Spa Session

My mum rarely has time to unwind and take a break, so I wanted to pamper her with a relaxing at-home spa experience. I turned to foodpanda shops once again and ordered hydrating face and eye masks from Watsons, along with nourishing rose tea and preserved plums from Eu Yan Sang. After convincing my mum to take a breather from her housework, we lay down on the sofa with our sheet masks on, sipping on floral tea. It was a rare moment of relaxation and bonding for us.

Related Facts

– Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in most countries, including Singapore.
– The origins of Mother’s Day can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where goddesses like Cybele and Rhea were worshipped as mother figures.
– The tradition of giving carnations on Mother’s Day was started by Anna Jarvis in the early 1900s.
– In Singapore, Mother’s Day is not a public holiday, but many people celebrate it by showering their mums with gifts and appreciation.

Key Takeaway

While Mother’s Day is just one day in a year, it’s important to show our mums how much we love and appreciate them every day. And with the help of foodpanda, it’s easy to pamper them with food, gifts, and experiences that they’ll cherish.


Pampering my mum like a queen for Mother’s Day this year was a memorable experience for both of us. From the indulgent breakfast spread to the thoughtful flower bouquet and relaxing spa session, it was a day dedicated to celebrating the love and guidance of the important woman in my life. And with foodpanda as my trusty assistant, I was able to pull off the surprises effortlessly.

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Denk Liu
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