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Houston-based Serotonin Artiste’s main goal is to ensure your happiness.

Houston Artist Serotonin Just Wants You to Be Happy

Cam’Ron Evans, better known as Serotonin, is a talented multidisciplinary artist based in Houston. From music, clothing design, point and shoot photography to oil painting and clay animation, Serotonin does it all. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into Serotonin’s life and art and explore his inspirational journey from college kid to celebrated artist.

Who Is Serotonin?

Born and raised in Houston’s Museum District, 24-year-old Cam’Ron Evans is a force to be reckoned with. Serotonin is the pseudonym he created to represent his art stardom. Serotonin is a unique blend of psychedelic music, handmade designs, magnetic personality, and vibrant aesthetic. He describes himself as merely human, while Serotonin is out of this world.

Serotonin’s Artistic Journey

Serotonin founded clothing brand Univerdge in 2016, but since then, he has found passion in making music. He has been on three Texas tours in the past five years, performing alongside artists like Chris Travis, Slater, and Cowgirl Clue, and making a name for himself in the underground music scene. He continues to create art for Univerdge and host pop-up art shows across the state.

While home in Houston, you can catch him at venues like Warehouse Live, White Oak Music Hall, Trip Six HTX, House of J, Super Happy Fun Land, and XPace Houston. He has also taken his show to New Orleans, and on June 9 will perform at Los Angeles’s Junior High LA.

Serotonin hopes to create a bridge between like-minded scenes and people across the nation.

Univerdge, The Lifestyle Brand

Univerdge is a lifestyle brand that repurposes garments and accessories using hand embroidery, screen printing, and tie-dye techniques. Their designs can bear retro futurism, psychedelia, or metaphysical references. They strike a balance between high quality and low pricing so everyone can experience their cosmic creations. The intention is to repurpose and recycle material to assist in the reduction of pollution and waste accumulation.

Serotonin’s Houston Experience

Houston’s diverse and ever-changing art scene is what makes it an interesting place for underground artists. Serotonin regards it the same way. Over time, everything is accepted, and it’s fantastic. However, being a multidisciplinary artist, it is easy to be mentioned for only one skill or endeavor. Every now and then, an artist must remind people in the city what they are here for. Luckily, his fans have been supportive of the music and merchandise he has distributed.

The Secret Behind Serotonin’s Social Media Presence

Serotonin built a huge following quickly by doing a lot of giveaways on Twitter back in 2015 to 2017. People found out about his stuff by following others, and the way he made the customers or fans feel important made others want to catch that experience. Serotonin is extremely transparent to his community, and that granted him access to spaces and venues he didn’t know existed. By giving his audience a glimpse of his process and allowing a peek into his influences, Serotonin was able to harness and represent a part of the culture that resonated with his fans.

Related Facts

– Serotonin is passionate about assisting the reduction of pollution and waste accumulation.
– Serotonin considers himself merely human, while Serotonin can be viewed as out of this world.
– Serotonin loves artists who are obsessed with detail, colors, and authenticity.

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, Serotonin is a dynamic and inspirational artist, exploring various art forms to express himself. He built a loyal fan base by staying true to himself and providing valuable offerings. His clothing brand repurposes garments and accessories and strikes a balance between high quality and low pricing. As a multidisciplinary artist, he has carved out a space for himself in Houston’s underground art scene while hoping to forge a connection with like-minded individuals across the nation.

Houstonian Serotonin just wants everyone to be happy.

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