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Garmin Epix Pro 2 Review: A Bold Choice for Adventurous Individuals

Garmin Epix Pro 2 Review: Not for the Faint-Hearted

As a fitness enthusiast, finding the right gadget to help push your limits can be a challenge. However, the Garmin Epix Pro 2 (Gen 2) may be the perfect pick for those looking for a hardcore fitness companion. While I am not an athlete myself, reviewing this watch was an enjoyable experience due to its abundance of features and simplistic design. Here’s what I have to say about it:

A Rugged Design with a Touch of Elegance

The Garmin Epix Pro 2 comes in different variants, and I had the opportunity to try the 47mm version. Although slightly large for my thin wrists, I found the overall design appealing. If you prefer a smaller size, you can opt for the 42mm variant or the larger 51mm variant if you need more wrist coverage. The watch also offers various strap options to match your style and mood.

The white color of the variant I received added a touch of elegance and contrasted nicely with the watch’s bulky appearance. The white strap also allowed the watch to stand out in a good way, regardless of the outfit I wore. From a distance, it may resemble a less flashy Casio G-Shock, but upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that it is a completely different beast. Its resemblance to a G-Shock also makes it suitable for wearing on any occasion, which is not often the case with most sports watches.

Almost Beginner-Friendly

While the Garmin Epix Pro 2 is designed for serious athletes, it doesn’t mean it’s not beginner-friendly. It may not be comparable to most Wear OS devices or the Apple Watch Ultra, but it still offers features suited for less experienced users. The watch includes built-in training programs with on-screen animations to guide you, making it easier to get started. Additionally, if you are into strength training, you can create your own customized workout program with specific exercises and repetitions.

Gets Conventional Smartwatch Functionality Right

For cycling, trekking, and running, the Garmin Epix Pro 2’s built-in GPS feature is highly beneficial. It not only logs your location but also allows you to “track back” along a previously chosen track or view real-time trails on the map. The inclusion of topological maps also enables you to plan your own routes.

As for its smartwatch functionality, it should be noted that navigating through the menus and settings may require a learning curve for average smartwatch users. The touch response is excellent, but the scrolling may not be as smooth as expected. However, once you get comfortable with the device, it performs well as a conventional smartwatch. Its design is not too outlandish, so it can be worn indoors without drawing excessive attention.

Related Facts

  • The Garmin Epix Pro 2 is geared towards extreme sports enthusiasts, such as hikers, skiers, and climbers.
  • The watch comes in different variants, including 42mm, 47mm, and 51mm, allowing users to choose their preferred size.
  • Despite its large size, the watch weighs 70g, providing a solid and durable feel.
  • The Garmin Epix Pro 2 offers built-in GPS functionality, which is particularly useful for outdoor activities.
  • The device includes training programs and the ability to create custom workout routines for strength training.

Key Takeaway

The Garmin Epix Pro 2 is a rugged and feature-packed watch designed for serious fitness enthusiasts. With its built-in GPS, training programs, and customizable workouts, it offers ample support for various outdoor activities. While it may have a learning curve for average smartwatch users, its conventional smartwatch functionality and versatile design make it suitable for everyday wear.


If you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to challenge yourself with extreme sports and outdoor activities, the Garmin Epix Pro 2 may be the perfect companion. Its sturdy design, customizable features, and accurate GPS tracking make it a reliable gadget for tracking your fitness goals. Although it may not be the ideal choice for casual gym-goers, it still offers beginner-friendly features to help you get started. Just be prepared for a slight learning curve when exploring its menus and settings. Overall, the Garmin Epix Pro 2 is a robust and capable fitness watch that is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

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