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From Stress to Success: Utah Tech Graduate’s Sweet Venture – Love Found in a Bite

Love at First Bite: Recent Utah Tech Graduate Turns ‘Stress Baking’ into Sweet Business

Becky Condie, a recent graduate of Utah Tech University, has turned her hobby of stress baking into a thriving cupcake and cake business, Desert Flower Sweets. What started as an outlet to relieve pressure during her college career gradually became a passion, and now she has taken the plunge and started her own business.

From Stress Baking to Business

Condie found herself looking for a way to unwind and alleviate stress during her college career. One day, while feeling particularly stressed, she made a batch of cupcakes which quickly turned into a pattern. Condie started ‘stress baking’ every time she had a test or was avoiding one. The more cupcakes she made, the more she realized she needed more people to bake for. She started sharing her cakes and cupcakes with friends and family, who encouraged her to start her own business.

Leaning into Her Own Style

Condie took a job at Lin’s Market bakery to further hone her skills, but found that she wanted to lean more into her own style. When she graduated from college, she was ready to put more energy into her baking business and began selling at the St. George Downtown Farmers Market.

Business Ownership Is No Piece of Cake

While business ownership is a new experience for Condie, it’s not new to her family. Condie grew up watching her parents run their own business, Douglas Family Farms in Vernon, but never realized how much work went into it until she started her own. Condie asks that cake and cupcake orders be placed a week in advance but can sometimes squeeze them in on a shorter timeframe. There are so many different costs and things that go into running a business that you never think about until you’re actually making one, but Condie enjoys it while acknowledging how much work it can be.

Specialty Cakes and Cupcakes

Condie’s future goals include obtaining a full-time teaching position while growing her dessert business, focusing on specialty cakes and cupcakes.

Related Facts

  • Condie graduated from Utah Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in education
  • Condie initially started baking to relieve stress during college
  • Condie’s parents run their own business, Douglas Family Farms in Vernon
  • Condie’s specialties include an Avengers-themed cake with a Thor hammer on top and a purple butterfly cake with edible pearls
  • Condie’s business, Desert Flower Sweets, takes cake and cupcake orders a week in advance

Key Takeaway

Starting a business can be a daunting task, but with hard work and a passion for baking, Condie has created her dream dessert business. Her story is an inspiration for anyone with a hobby they’d like to turn into a business venture.


Becky Condie is a prime example of how passion can turn into a sweet business venture. Her dedication to her craft is apparent in every delectable dessert she creates. We wish her continued success as she leans into her unique baking style and specializes in creating custom cakes and cupcakes.

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