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French Country Style and Antique Materials Highlight the New River Oaks Residence

New River Oaks Home Brings a Touch of France to Houston

Located in the prestigious River Oaks neighborhood of Houston, the home of Bruce and Suzanne Winfrey is a stunning testament to their love for French country style. The couple has spent a considerable amount of time vacationing in the south of France and wanted to recreate the charm and elegance of Provence in their own home.

Authentic French Design

The Winfreys enlisted the help of architect David Price from David Price Design, who specialized in capturing the essence of French country style. Price not only designed their dream home but also sourced reclaimed wood, stone, and architectural antiques from France to ensure authenticity.

The couple’s dedication to crafting an authentic French aesthetic is evident throughout the 6,500-square-foot home. Old stone fireplaces and thick wood beams create a rustic ambiance, while cool limestone tile floors evoke a sense of the French countryside.

Sourcing Antique Materials

To achieve an authentic French look, the Winfreys procured three 40-foot containers of salvaged architectural antiques. These antique furnishings, lighting fixtures, and accessories bring a sense of history and character to each room.

The couple’s attention to detail extends even to the exterior. Working shutters, limestone, stucco with a limewash, and antique clay shingles give the house an Old World charm. The driveway is covered in Roman cobblestone and the roof features a tile treatment reminiscent of traditional French homes.

A Blend of Functionality and Style

The home’s design seamlessly blends French aesthetics with practicality. Steel exterior doors provide security while still nodding to French design. Triple-pane windows help to block out noise from the busy Westheimer street nearby.

The center courtyard, featuring a patio and pool, serves as a focal point for the home. The first floor is designed to provide views of the outdoor space, with a tower-like structure resembling a French pigeonnier adding a unique touch.

Living the French Dream

Bruce and Suzanne Winfrey’s love for France is deeply rooted in their personal histories. Suzanne, an actress, spent several years in Europe after graduating from the University of Houston, with much of her work taking place in London theaters. They make a point to visit the country every year, as they have family connections there.

With a blended family and a busy household, the Winfreys’ home is always bustling with activity. The kitchen, adorned with a baker’s style table and Calacatta gold marble, is a central hub for cooking and entertaining. The La Canche range, a renowned French brand, is a cherished piece in the kitchen, despite the couple waiting 15 months for delivery.

Related Facts

  • The Winfreys worked with designer David Cox from Design DCA to ensure the European-style plans could be adapted for Houston.
  • Interior designer Pam Giarrusso from the Design Tap assisted with the finishing touches of the interior decor.

Key Takeaway

The Winfreys’ new River Oaks home beautifully captures the essence of French country style. With the help of a talented architect and their dedication to sourcing authentic French materials, they have created a little piece of Provence in Houston.


Bruce and Suzanne Winfrey’s new home in River Oaks is a testament to their love for French country style. The couple’s attention to detail and dedication to authenticity shines through in every aspect of the design, from the salvaged architectural antiques to the traditional materials used throughout the home. Their dream of recreating the charm and elegance of Provence has become a reality in the heart of Houston.

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