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Frank Bellotti, Quincy court namesake, maintains a busy routine at age 100

A Good Age: Quincy Court Namesake Frank Bellotti ‘Keeps a Tight Schedule’ at 100

Former state Attorney General Frank Bellotti is turning 100 on May 3, and it’s no surprise that he has reached such an impressive milestone. Bellotti is known for his legendary discipline and belief in the importance of keeping active, and even now, he still works out every day.

Discipline and Dedication

Bellotti’s youngest son, Michael, has shared that his father still wakes up early at 4:30 a.m., has a strong black coffee, watches the news, and works out in his Frank Bellotti exercise room at the Arbella Insurance Group in Quincy. He is meticulous in keeping to his tight schedule and even has a hand-operated bicycle that he uses for exercise.

Bellotti’s discipline and dedication have been lifelong traits, and they have served him well throughout his long career. He helped to establish the Arbella Insurance Group in 1988, and even today, he still goes to work there several days a week.

A Legacy of Service

Frank Bellotti has spent most of his life in public service. He served as lieutenant governor of Massachusetts starting in 1962, and then as the state attorney general from 1975 to 1987.

Throughout his long and successful career, Bellotti has collected dozens of awards for his service and leadership. He has been honored as the most outstanding attorney general in the United States, and he is recognized as the last standing World War II unit squad leader of the World War II-era Scouts and Raiders.

Honoring Frank Bellotti

The annual Law Day event in Quincy District Court will honor Frank Bellotti’s life and legacy. The event will include speeches from state dignitaries like former governors Michael Dukakis and William Weld, Secretary of State William Galvin, and Attorney General Andrea Campbell. Quincy Law Day is typically dedicated to local and state police departments, but this year, it will recognize and celebrate Bellotti’s contributions to public service.

The event will be livestreamed on Quincy Access Television for those who cannot attend in person.

Related Facts

  • Frank Bellotti graduated from Boston College Law School with the help of the GI Bill.
  • He and his wife, Maggie, raised 12 children together.
  • Bellotti’s lifelong friend Tom Kiley is honored in the name of the Thomas Kiley Veterans Housing in Quincy.

Key Takeaway

Frank Bellotti is truly a remarkable man who has spent most of his life in public service. At 100 years old, he is still going strong, working out every day and continuing to go to work at the Arbella Insurance Group in Quincy. His lifelong discipline, dedication, and commitment to public service are truly inspiring.


The Quincy Law Day event is a wonderful opportunity to honor Frank Bellotti and recognize his contributions to public service. As we celebrate his first century of life, we can all learn from his discipline and dedication. By keeping active and maintaining a tight schedule, Bellotti has achieved remarkable things throughout his career, and his legacy serves as a shining example of what we can all accomplish with dedication and commitment.

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