Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Fox News: Others are at ‘zero’ or ‘one’ percent: Trump #trump

Former President Trump responds to the other GOP candidates entering the pool for the 2024 election on ‘Hannity.’

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I don’t think it matters uh I don’t know why people are doing it they’re at one percent some are at zero I hear Chris Christie’s coming in he he’s at he was at he was at six percent in New Jersey which is I love New Jersey but six percent approval rating in New

Jersey what’s the purpose and he’s he’s polling at zero and uh uh others are uh I call them Ada Hutchinson I don’t call him as I call him Aida Hutchinson I gave her a little name for some reason for certain reasons but this guy nobody knows who the hell he is never never

Good and some you know it’s fine but I don’t understand what they’re doing now maybe there’s something wrong but when you’re at one percent or less you know one percent it says one percent with an arrow pointing left there’s one guy who’s at zero with an arrow pointing

Left that means he’s at less than zero so uh it is what it is




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  2. Simply put, Trump is a coward. Debate is the most beautiful thing if you are running for public office. No matter where you are high or low in ratings you have to participate in a debate, that is how democracy works.

  3. Wouldnt MAGA be the REAL RINO’s? Given they put Trump ABOVE the Republican Party? They don’t wave Republican flags, only Trump flags. They’re Trump first, party second. Isn’t that the DEFINITION of Republican In Name Only?🤔🤯🤔🤯

  4. Fox paid voluntary $787 MILLION to Dominion admitting that they have been lying to us for years about the election together with Trump. How can we believe anything you are saying????

  5. Why do you think they run knowing they have no chance? Well it’s about stealing the campaign contributions they get. They start a consulting company through either a family member or a friend. They pay them ridiculous amounts of money for “so called” advice or consultation then the candidate either split or take 2/3 of the money

  6. Trump knowing that Christie coming in in advance seems to suggest that he is particularly worried about him.
    Now that Christie has spoken it is clear why.
    Now, Trump won't be able to NOT react to every criticism he'll be receiving from that unpopular candidate.

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