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Fox News: ‘Gutfeld!’: This is a terrible idea

‘Gutfeld!’ co-hosts weigh in on reports the WWE is in talks to legalize betting on its high-profile matches.

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If a wrestler wins in the ring could your draftking say you made money not cha-ching the WWE is reportedly and talks to legalize betting on high profile matches as if any of them could be high profile now that I’m wrestling for the NWA instead you think the NWA stands for National

Wrestling Alliance but really it stands for no women allowed sources say the WWE would work with an accounting firm to keep the scripted matches secret so leaks of the winner wouldn’t happened and betting would be fair we reached out for the mafia for a comment but a spokesman says they don’t exist

To make leaks less likely sources say even the wrestlers wouldn’t know what was going who was going to win until right before the match to make the leaks even less likely they will make sure not to store the secret winners names in Wuhan Which wouldn’t really work for me at the NWA because all I do is win foreign I mean literally I’ve defeated more men than divorce wait I even got defeated but anyway some experts say this could lead to legalized betting on other scripted things like character deaths and TV

Series or in other words the kind of TV that chicks watch you know like Jesse Waters why do we hate it Lee you’re a big wrestling fan right do you think betting on what affectionately is simulated combat with a predetermined finish I guess if you want to be about

It uh do you think that’s a good idea no it’s a terrible idea you should not be betting on a rigged sports event now people say well I should be able to you know Kennedy has a a well uh well-regarded libertarian streak you know the the freedom of making that

Decision to part with your hard-earned money the idea of putting it on a rigged sporting event is something that I believe is just throwing your money down the the tubes unless of course you get the leak right Kennedy that’s what they’re thank you but if they get a 20-minute heads up that

They’re going to win a match they’re going to be texting their friends and their family members who will be texting cousin out of here probably picking up the phone and calling cousin that because they don’t have a cell phone right who will be placing bets on the

Match and winning so yes there are enough people who know about the outcome that it is not going to work in everyone’s favor but it certainly will work in their favor if people are dumb enough to bet on fake wrestling then they should absolutely have that opportunity it’s like it’s like Financial Darwinism

Could we not use the f word okay the media is fake wrestling simulated combat okay we just can we just say that it’s as fake as Meg Ryan’s orgasm When Harry Met Sally that was fake well damn Dagan well I’m just I’m getting out of the line of fire okay I

I’m afraid let me ask you this because I don’t want you to hit me in the nose no um if okay Kennedy’s one of the biggest supporters of wrestlers there are I don’t know how many wrestlers she’s brought on the show but literally everyone’s gone through wait I’m not

Trying to say everyone’s gone through Kennedy’s show first before they’ve gone anywhere else so I mean she’s helped a lot there’s been a list a long list of guys that she supported so she’s she’s not dissing she’s just keeping it real um so real my mama my gambling over here am I wrestling

Over here you keep them separated scratch tickets and wrestling so I don’t know I I don’t see how it would make any sense betting on matches and it’s organized athleticism that’s how I would describe it thank you I and I’m having and I’m having a hard time keeping these

Alligators down all right whoa foreign do you bet on anything I bet every single day we all do that’s what life is right like you make decisions and you’re like this will be the one that’ll be good for me and sometimes you lose I like I take Market risk every time I

Open my mouth right like I like I say this okay I’m gonna say this thing this will be a fine thing to say sometimes it wasn’t right you know it’s risky every day so but with money no I don’t bet just with you know with my life every day when I wake up

That’s kind of the same thing yeah I guess you six on one hand half a dozen on the other look I you know what I used to when you’re with your buddies and you just make it a friendly you know keep it under like two bucks or something I

Wouldn’t I wouldn’t bet the farm on uh whether someone’s gonna win a wrestling match or not but I also wouldn’t do it with football NBA or anything like that or like keeping money in your pocket you know that would be my advice you know and uh speaking of that I want to bet

Actually I can got to bet with you I got a new action figure coming out the All-American Tyra Smash and I bet we can break the record that we did last time with major so there bet on that but up next foreign up next a pleasant Little tune Gone Too Soon

If you’ll be in the New York area and would like free tickets to see Gutfeld go to Gutfeld and click on the link to join our studio audience hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest interviews and most

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  1. When Fox News is scared to talk about the elephant in the room (Tucker Carlson) they will find anything to talk about. They'd rather have nobody talk about Tucker's lies, because if they have to weigh in on it, nobody is going to side with him.

  2. It's kind of like betting on re-runs. So I'm putting money down on Chief J. Strongbow against Professor Tanaka! I should get great odds, right??? Hehehe

  3. The only reason I am into wrestling is because of attractive and tough female wrestlers. Honestly, why does a straight man like myself want to see a bunch of other men showing off and wrestling each other? 🤢

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