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EOFlow, the wearable insulin patch maker, to be acquired by Medtronic

Medtronic to Acquire Wearable Insulin Patch Maker EOFlow: A New Era of Diabetes Management Begins

Medtronic, a global leader in healthcare technology, has announced its intent to acquire EOFlow Co. Ltd., the manufacturer of EOPatch® device, a tubeless, wearable and disposable insulin delivery device. The acquisition is expected to enhance Medtronic’s ability to address the needs of individuals with diabetes, regardless of where they are in their treatment journey or insulin delivery preference.

The addition of EOFlow’s cutting-edge microfluidic technology together with Medtronic’s next-generation continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and Meal Detection Technology™ algorithm is expected to expand the company’s range of offerings in the diabetes management market and establish Medtronic as a one-stop-shop for diabetes management tools.

The aim of the acquisition is to make diabetes management simpler and more accessible, by providing a range of insulin delivery options on a seamless Medtronic ecosystem of support.

The wearable insulin patch technology is an excellent add-on to Medtronic’s already existing range of diabetes management tools, and patients who require an alternative to injectable insulin or pumps will now have this technology available. The technology is expected to change how individuals manage their diabetes and provide more flexibility, convenience, and comfort in the process.

Related Facts:
– Innovative microfluidic technology is a non-invasive way of delivering insulin through a wearable adhesive patch, eliminating the need for traditional injections or tubing connection to pumps.
– Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) give patients real-time readings of glucose levels without the need for frequent blood tests, enabling them to make necessary adjustments to their insulin delivery and manage their levels more efficiently.
– Meal Detection Technology™ algorithm, integrated with CGM, provides automatic adjustments to insulin delivery based on the patient’s meal intake.

Key Takeaway:
The acquisition of EOFlow marks a significant move for Medtronic to simplify diabetes management and make life easier for people living with diabetes worldwide. The integration of the wearable insulin patch technology with Medtronic’s pre-existing diabetes management tools is expected to bring many benefits to the patients and healthcare providers alike.

Medtronic’s acquisition of EOFlow paves the way for a new era in diabetes management, providing a range of options within a seamless ecosystem of support. Wearable insulin patch technology offers a new lease of life for individuals with diabetes who find traditional insulin therapy uncomfortable and challenging. The acquisition of EOFlow accelerates the pace of innovation in the diabetes management field and is an exciting addition to Medtronic’s existing portfolio of diabetes care solutions.

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