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Enhanced Technology for Beechcraft Denali Cockpit Brings Comfort with Textron Aviation

Textron Aviation is revolutionizing the safety measures of its brand new Beechcraft Denali single-engine turboprop by implementing the Garmin Emergency Autoland system. This system is the world’s first certified autoland system and takes control of an aircraft automatically in the unlikely event of pilot incapacitation. The passenger in the cockpit can activate the Emergency Autoland system by pressing a dedicated button, informing ATC of the emergency and calculating a flight path to the most appropriate landing site, avoiding any adverse weather or terrain. This game-changing technology adds another layer of assurance and peace-of-mind for both pilots and passengers.

Furthermore, Textron Aviation’s inclusion of this feature is in direct response to customer feedback, proving their dedication to putting their customers first. The Autoland system will be standard at the time of entry into service and aligns with the aircraft certification timing, which is expected in 2025, for the new Catalyst engine. This new engine brings more efficiency to the Denali, with a single-lever power and propeller control system, and is rated at 1,300 shaft horsepower.

The Beechcraft Denali’s cockpit features the Garmin G3000 intuitive avionics suite with high-resolution screens and touchscreen controllers, making it easy to control the speed throughout all regimes of flight from takeoff to touchdown. The flat-floor cabin is designed to be the largest in its segment, with the versatility to convert between passenger and cargo configurations. The cabin features six individual reclining seats that come standard, with a nine-place high-density seating option available. Additionally, passengers can enjoy large cabin windows, a forward refreshment cabinet, and an in-flight accessible baggage compartment. For even greater comfort, an option for an externally serviceable belted lavatory is available.

Given the focus on customer input and the enhanced safety features, the Beechcraft Denali is set to be a game-changer in the single-engine, high-performance turboprop segment. With the Denali flight test certification program underway and the aircraft surpassing 1,300 flight hours between the three flight test articles, Textron Aviation proves once more that they continue to inspire the journey of flight.

Related Facts:
– The Denali has a range of 1,600 nautical miles at high-speed cruise with one pilot and four passengers.
– The McCauley composite, 5-blade, constant speed propeller is full feathering with reversible pitch and ice protection.
– The Catalyst engine eases pilot workload with its single-lever power and propeller control and is FADEC equipped.

Key Takeaway:
The Beechcraft Denali’s implementation of the Garmin Emergency Autoland system is a game-changer that solidifies Textron Aviation’s commitment to putting customer feedback and safety at the forefront of their product investments. The Denali is set to provide a unique experience to its passengers with its flat-floor cabin design, versatility, high-quality cockpit features, and a range of 1,600 nautical miles.

In conclusion, this new feature is a welcome addition to an already impressive aircraft, and we can’t wait to see it in action. It is encouraging for the future of aviation to see companies such as Textron Aviation not only have a firm focus on customer needs and wants but also on safety.

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