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Delta Airlines benefits from the successful career of a graduate from GNTC Aviation Maintenance Technology

GNTC Aviation Maintenance Technology Graduate Soars in Career with Delta

Christopher Poole, a graduate of Georgia Northwestern Technical College’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program, has quickly climbed the career ladder at Delta Air Lines in Atlanta. After completing his diploma, Poole was hired as a contractor and later brought on as a permanent employee in December 2021. Just a few months later, he was promoted to the position of aviation maintenance technician.

A Career of Integrity and Trust

Poole emphasizes the importance of integrity in the aviation maintenance industry. As an aviation maintenance technician, he is responsible for ensuring the safety and functionality of aircraft engines and components. He takes pride in the trust that people place in him and knows that he must always do his best and be honest in his work.

His responsibilities include maintaining avionics and flight control systems, as well as performing routine tasks such as oil changes, engine component replacements, brake maintenance, tire checks, air-conditioning servicing, and troubleshooting.

Throughout his career, Poole has worked on various large passenger planes, including Boeing 717s and a Boeing 767. Each aircraft presents its own unique challenges and requires skilled technicians like Poole to keep them operating safely.

The Path to Success

Poole’s journey to his successful career with Delta began at Georgia Northwestern Technical College’s Aviation Training Center. He appreciated the rigorous requirements of the program, which is regulated and certified by the Federal Aviation Authority.

After leaving his job selling cars to pursue his passion for aviation maintenance, Poole faced financial obstacles. However, GNTC’s Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Program provided him with the support he needed. They offered financial assistance for gas money, childcare, and even covered the cost of his tools, which amounted to approximately $4,000.

Poole is grateful for his time at GNTC, which not only prepared him for his career but also instilled in him the ability to stand on his own two feet. His instructors taught him the importance of focus, problem-solving, and attention to detail – crucial skills in the fast-paced aviation maintenance industry.

Delta Air Lines: A Phenomenal Workplace

Poole considers himself fortunate to be a part of Delta Air Lines, which he describes as a phenomenal workplace. Delta invests in its employees, providing a great workplace atmosphere and ample training opportunities for new hires.

Delta’s commitment to technical education extends beyond its own company. As an official national partner of SkillsUSA, Delta supports students preparing for careers in trade, technical, and skilled service industries. The Delta Air Lines Foundation generously provides grant funds to support Aviation Maintenance Technology programs in the Technical College System of Georgia.

This dedication to nurturing future aviation maintenance technicians demonstrates Delta’s recognition of the high demand for skilled professionals in the field. In fact, Aviation Maintenance Technology is listed as one of Georgia’s high-demand career fields by the Technical College System of Georgia.

Related Facts

  • Delta Air Lines is a leading global airline that operates over 5,400 flights daily.
  • The aviation maintenance industry is expected to experience steady growth in the coming years, driven by the increasing number of aircraft in service and the need for regular maintenance and repairs.
  • Aviation maintenance technicians play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and reliability of aircraft for passenger travel.

Key Takeaway

The success story of Christopher Poole, a graduate of Georgia Northwestern Technical College’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program, highlights the opportunities available in the aviation maintenance field. With the support of educational institutions like GNTC and the commitment of companies like Delta Air Lines, aspiring technicians can pave their way to a fulfilling career in aviation maintenance.


Christopher Poole’s journey from a graduate of GNTC’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program to a successful aviation maintenance technician at Delta Air Lines is inspiring. Poole’s story demonstrates the importance of dedication, integrity, and continuous learning in the aviation industry. With the support of programs like the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and the commitment of companies like Delta, individuals like Poole can realize their dreams and thrive in their careers.

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