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Davis College and Chongqing Technology and Business Institute Join Forces to Intake 46+ Students in Sep 2023, Confirms EpicQuest Education

EpicQuest Education has made an exciting announcement that reinforces its commitment to internationalization of its mission. The company, which provides comprehensive education solutions for domestic and international students in the US, Canada and the UK, has signed an agreement with Chongqing Technology and Business Institute (CTBI) that has far-reaching implications. The agreement states that CTBI students will attend Davis College, which is 70% owned by EpicQuest Education Group. Upon completion of all requirements, students will receive diplomas and associate bachelor degrees. The 3-year agreement will last through June 2025 and can be renewed thereafter.

The supplementary agreement updates the master agreement that the two institutions had signed in November 2022, and puts into effect a memorandum of understanding that they had signed in June 2022. The agreement will see a cohort of 46 students enroll in the CTBI and Davis College joint program each year, leading to a diploma and associate Bachelor degree in Interior Design. CTBI students will consist of 46 students who will enter the program each year. Therefore, at least 46 CTBI students will be enrolled in the program in September 2023, at least 96 CTBI students will be enrolled in the program in September of 2024, and at least 138 CTBI students will be enrolled in the program in September of 2025.

Diane Brunner, President of Davis College, has expressed her belief that the internationalization of Davis College will create academic synergies and provide an enriched intercultural educational experience for students. Davis College has a mission to create an international academic experience, and this agreement with CTBI is one of the key steps to achieving that goal.

With this agreement, EpicQuest Education continues to execute its strategic growth plan of internationalization. The company has already signed six memoranda of understanding with other institutions of higher learning to achieve this goal. The company is also recruiting in Latin America and has seen positive metrics at international high schools, thereby creating greater diversity and inclusiveness. By entering into more agreements with international colleges and universities, EpicQuest Education hopes to establish itself as a provider of higher education services to a worldwide community of students.

Related Facts:

– Davis College was founded in Toledo, Ohio in 1858, and is a private career-training college that specializes in numerous fields.
– EduGlobal College is a BC-based college that provides English proficiency educational programming for students pursuing academic degrees.
– EpicQuest Education also maintains residential facilities, a full-service cafeteria, recreational facilities, shuttle buses, and an office for the regional campuses that provide study abroad and post-study services for its students.

Key Takeaway:

Overall, EpicQuest Education’s agreement with Chongqing Technology and Business Institute is a promising development that underscores the company’s commitment to internationalization. Through this agreement and others like it, EpicQuest Education aims to expand its student demographic and provide a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Education and exchange programs like these bring people and cultures closer together and promote mutual understanding and respect.

In Conclusion:

EpicQuest Education’s announcement about its agreement with CTBI is a significant milestone for the company. It demonstrates its commitment to providing students with the best opportunity to gain an enriching academic and cultural experience. The company’s plans to establish itself as a worldwide provider of higher education services sets a strong vision for the future of education. Let us hope that EpicQuest Education continues to support such initiatives and to foster a love for learning among students.

Denk Liu
Denk Liu
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