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Darien Rozell, Pantry Hill Influencer, Invites Followers to Saratoga Home for Workshops

Pantry Hill Influencer Darien Rozell Opens Saratoga Home to Followers with Workshops


In the realm of social media influencers, Darien Rozell stands out with her popular Instagram account, @pantryhill. With over 33,000 followers, she has captivated an audience with carefully curated snapshots of her domestic bliss. But what sets Rozell apart is her genuine desire to connect with her followers on a deeper level. That is why she has opened the doors of her Saratoga home to host seasonal pie-making workshops, giving her audience a tangible experience that goes beyond the digital world.

Sharing a Tangible Connection

For Rozell, the digital connection through her Instagram account is great, but it can never replace the joy of sitting around her kitchen table with like-minded individuals, sharing stories and creating memories. The idea of hosting pie-making workshops was born out of this desire for a tangible exchange with her followers. And it seems that her audience has welcomed this opportunity with open arms, as each workshop has sold out within a week of being announced.

An Instagram Feed as a Domestic Dreamscape

Anyone who spends some time scrolling through Rozell’s @pantryhill Instagram account will be transported to a magazine-worthy study in a “traditional meets cozy” aesthetic. Her home is a blend of Americana and English country house styles, with each photograph showcasing the easy rhythms of her family’s life and the changing seasons. The captions accompanying each image paint a picture of a life filled with domestic bliss and a deep appreciation for heritage and home.

From Magazines to Lifestyle Branding

Rozell’s expertise in building her social media account comes from her professional editorial experience in magazines. But her background in education and childhood literacy has also influenced her approach to creating Pantry Hill. She sees it as a lifestyle brand, a storybook that she and her family are writing. Drawing from their family traditions and combining it with seasonal living, Rozell’s aim is to create a beautiful and authentic narrative that resonates with her audience.

A Genuine Emotional Connection

Unlike many other lifestyle accounts on Instagram, Rozell has chosen not to monetize her account through brand partnerships or sponsored content. Her focus is on creating a genuine emotional connection with her followers. She wants people to feel connected to what she and her family are building, rather than viewing Pantry Hill as a mere exchange of money for goods. The only product she has introduced so far is a line of candles that she collaborates on with a neighbor, adding a personal touch to her offerings.

Pie-Making Workshops as a Way to Connect

To further strengthen the sense of authentic connection, Rozell opens her home to her followers through seasonal pie-making workshops. With a maximum of twelve attendees per workshop, she ensures that each participant benefits from her hands-on instruction and personal attention. The choice of pies for the workshops is deliberate, as they are seasonal and require a hands-on approach. Rozell’s great-grandmother’s pie recipe adds a touch of history and tradition to the experience, making it even more special.

Involving the Whole Family

Rozell’s family plays an important role in the workshops. Her sister, aunt, and mother assist her by greeting attendees, distributing baking supplies, and offering practical advice. The close involvement of her family members adds a personal touch and creates an atmosphere that is both warm and inviting. Each participant dons a signature Pantry Hill monogrammed apron and gets to decorate their individual pie using vintage and modern kitchen gadgets from Rozell’s extensive collection.

Related Facts

– Rozell’s @pantryhill Instagram account has over 33,000 followers.
– She hosts seasonal pie-making workshops at her Saratoga property.
– The workshops sell out within a week of being announced.
– Rozell’s home is a blend of Americana and English country house styles.
– She has professional editorial experience in magazines.
– She values the emotional connection with her followers over monetization.
– Rozell collaborates with a neighbor to create a line of candles.
– The workshops have a maximum of twelve attendees.
– Rozell’s family members assist her during the workshops.
– Participants get to wear Pantry Hill monogrammed aprons and use vintage kitchen gadgets.

Key Takeaway

Darien Rozell of @pantryhill has found a unique way to connect with her Instagram followers. By hosting seasonal pie-making workshops at her Saratoga home, she offers her audience a tangible experience that goes beyond the digital world. With sold-out workshops and a genuine emotional connection, Rozell’s approach to building her lifestyle brand sets her apart from many other influencers on social media.


Darien Rozell’s Pantry Hill is not just another lifestyle Instagram account. It is a lifestyle brand built on heritage, family traditions, and a genuine desire to connect with her audience. By inviting followers into her Saratoga home for pie-making workshops, Rozell creates an immersive experience that resonates with her audience on a deeper level. With each sold-out workshop, she brings her followers closer to her domestic dreamscape and creates lasting memories in the process.

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