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Complete Renovation of Hill Country Village Residence

Hill Country Village Home Gets a Full Facelift


The Mendoza family recently traded their dream home in San Antonio for a larger one in Hill Country Village. The new four-bedroom, 3½-bath home they purchased had not been updated since it was built in the late-1970s, making it virtually untouched. The couple, who are real estate agents and investors, saw the potential in the outdated property and decided to take on a six to an eight-month renovation to create a modern floor plan while retaining some of the original design elements.

Renovation Details

The primary goal for the renovation was to create more space for the growing family and make room for their love of cooking and entertaining. To accomplish this, they removed a wall between the kitchen and the living room, creating a larger continuous space. The renovation involved redoing almost every square inch of the interior, including two large islands, one 10 feet long and the other 12 feet, installed in the kitchen for a chef’s cooking space. The islands are topped with white porcelain streaked with beige, and to avoid a monochromatic look, some of the kitchen cabinets are painted a dark charcoal while others are stained in rich oak.

A Contemporary Design

To keep the Hill Country aesthetic while bringing the home up-to-date, the Mendozas used black soapstone countertops in the kitchen, installed rustic hickory flooring throughout much of the house and blended bamboo reeded shades with other design elements in their bedroom. The primary bathroom features a soaking tub along with a soaking shower, which is surrounded by various styles of tile in shades of gray. The homeowners’ bathroom also houses a stand-out makeup table complete with a lighted mirror.

Keeping Some Original Design Elements

Although the Mendoza family embarked on a full facelift of their new home, they retained some of the original design elements that added charm and character to the property. For instance, they kept the Saltillo tile in the main entryway and the rough cedar plank walls in the downstairs game room. These elements add depth to the design and create an interesting contrast to the modern renovation, resulting in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Related Facts

– The Mendozas finished the renovation in nearly six to eight months.
– The home had not been updated since its construction in the late-1970s.
– Two large islands in the kitchen were installed, one at 10 feet long, and the other 12 feet long.
– The Mendozas are real estate agents and investors.

Key Takeaway

The Mendoza family’s renovation of their Hill Country Village home showcases how outdated property can be transformed into a modern and spacious living space while preserving original design elements for a unique character.


The Mendozas have successfully transformed their previous time capsule of a house into a contemporary, spacious living space while retaining original design elements. Through their renovation, the family can continue to entertain and cook while enjoying their dream home with their loved ones.

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