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Comparing AI-Created Pictures with News Anchors

AI-generated photos are becoming increasingly realistic, making it harder for people to distinguish between real and fake images. These images can be used for harmless entertainment or to spread misinformation, making it important for readers to be able to identify them. Here are ten AI-generated images with tell-tale signs of their machine origins, along with markers that readers can use to flag such photos in the future.

The first image, of Turkey/Syria earthquake relief, is easy to identify as an AI-generated image due to its unnatural painted effect that smoothes details and flaws that would be visible in a real photo. Another giveaway is the rescuer’s strange earlobe and an incorrectly proportioned hand with a missing thumb knuckle.

The second image, of a fashionably attired Pope, went viral online even though it was quickly dismissed as being AI-generated due to its improbable nature. Context clues, such as people doing out-of-character things, can help users flag photos as being AI-generated. The Pope’s missing crucifix chain on one side, the warped fingers, and the deformed spectacles further confirm that this is an AI-generated image.

Third, former Twitter CEO and billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared a photo of himself in a similar white puffy coat as the Pope image. The lack of Mr. Musk’s reflection on the glass panes behind him and the overly smooth quality of his face both reveal the photo’s AI-generated roots.

Fourth, a Midjourney-generated image of Donald Trump’s arrest is quite convincing at first glance and was retweeted thousands of times on Twitter. However, it reveals some trademark AI tells, including a police officer with four fingers and a distorted finger, and a leg in the middle of the image that does not seem to belong to anyone in particular.

Fifth, another arrest photo shows Mr. Trump being carried and dragged away by police officers, also generated by the creator of the earlier picture. This image shows a distortion of the legs, one uncannily blurred face that seems to be wearing a fur hat, and a strange warping of fabric near Mr. Trump’s face.

Sixth, a paparazzi-style couple’s photo pictures Tesla CEO Elon Musk and GM CEO Mary Barra making their way into a fancy event. But on closer inspection, the photo shows signs of being AI-generated, such as the unnatural light on their faces and the odd way their hair falls.

Seventh, a photo of US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wearing a bright green suit and frowning angrily was created by someone with a political agenda. The image shows signs of being AI-generated due to the way her hair is floating above her shoulders.

Eighth, an image of an alleged alien named “Ata” made the rounds on conspiracy theory forums and mainstream news. However, the photo shows signs of being AI-generated due to the anatomical mistakes in the alien’s facial features and the proportions of its body.

Ninth, an AI-generated image of a woman in a red dress holding a rifle went viral, with people speculating about its backstory. However, the photo shows signs of being AI-generated due to the overly smooth quality of the woman’s face and a lack of depth in the rifle’s details.

Finally, an AI-generated image of a woman with an unusual hairstyle and a tiger went viral on social media. The photo shows signs of being AI-generated due to the unnaturally smooth lines of the woman’s face and the odd positioning of the tiger’s head.

In conclusion, AI-generated photos are becoming more realistic and harder to distinguish from real photos. Readers need to be aware of the tell-tale signs of their machine origins in order to avoid spreading misinformation or falling prey to fraud.

Denk Liu
Denk Liu
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