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CNN: Why did Finland’s PM lose? Reporter explains the key issue voters cared about

Finland’s left-wing Prime Minister Sanna Marin conceded defeat in the Nordic country’s parliamentary election as the opposition right-wing National Coalition Party (NCP) claimed victory in a tightly fought contest. #CNN #News


Just days before Finland is set to become NATO’s newest member, the government in Helsinki is headed for a change. Results in Finland’s parliamentary elections indicate prime ministers on a marathon Center-Left Party will lose and she will be out of office. She conceded defeat to the opposition right wing National Coalition Party its leader

Patriot, or ran on a pro-business platform and has vowed to cut spending but his party will have to form a coalition with other parties to govern. Let’s bring you more now on this. I want to turn to Steven Erlanger. He’s the chief diplomat a correspondent for The New York Times,

And joins us now from Brussels via Skype. So good to see you. What led to the political downfall of MS. Marin? Well, she is still very popular in Finland, but her Center-Left Party was increasingly less popular. She was always more popular than her party and has been going on in nearby Sweden also

Where the last election saw a swing to the right. That happened in Finland to the Finns or kind of famously tight fisted. And the biggest criticism of her that mattered domestically had nothing to do with Ukraine. Or Nadeau, in which she was considered to have done a good job or even covered

But the size of the government debt. Now, in regular European terms, Finnish debt is only about 70% of GDP. It’s not bad at all. But for the Finns, it seemed much too much. So they have gone for a Center-Right party very narrowly. It should be said that promises to rein in public spending

And that is really the problem. Son of a Marine during her campaign just very aggressively said that the problem in Finland was not enough growth but refused to talk about budget cuts. So so this in the end cut against her. But she does remain quite popular, even if she’s somewhat controversial as well.

A fresh face, a new generation, a woman who enjoys her private life There’s had a controversy in relatively conservative Finland, but I don’t think was a very key issue in her loss. Well, now the hard part starts there. Arguably, a coalition will have to be formed. Could we see MS.

Marin make a comeback or or play a role in forming a new government? I think very much so. I mean, it’s a 200 seat parliament and and the highest party got 48 seats. So it’s going to have to be a coalition. It’s likely to be at least three parties.

The sudden ruins problem is that her left allies won’t work with the National Coalition Party. The big question for them is do they go to the populist harder right Finns party, which came in second and build a coalition around that? Or will they go more toward

The Social Democrats who came in a narrow third and build a coalition around them? And if they do that, then it’s possible, son, a Marine would have another ministerial office. She could be for a minister. She she could be something else. I’m not sure that interests her right now.

One of the great questions in Finland is what comes next for the son of a Marine? And I think also the rest of the world will be keenly watching her next move. Finland, as you know, is about to join. NATO has a decision to join NATO’s played. Any role in these elections?

I understand. I mean, it didn’t even play a role. It wasn’t contentious at all. Did that surprise you? Not exactly. I mean, because foreign policy in Finland is basically run by the president. It’s a very powerful presidency. Solidness, though, and he’s the most popular politician in In Finland,

He was the one who kind of really guided Finland and Sweden to toward NATO’s. Now Basically, all parties went along. Some on the left still didn’t like it. But as you say, it was not at that point any longer. A controversial issue. And by the time the election happened, it was all done.

I mean, all that remains for Finland to get in NATO’s exchange of a few letters. So it really is a done deal. A done deal. Steven Erlanger, thank you so much for providing us with your insights greatly. Appreciate it.




  1. Dear Sanna:
    You remind me of my little granddaughter; intelligent, energetic, kind and graceful.

    I told her don't worry about people judging you for being your fun-loving self. I told her to "embrace your girl-power" ; and that she too can become a prime-minister one day herself.

    Like you, she is a leader not a follower. I told her, "your most sacred role" when you become a prime minister -is faithful-custodian of the people's safety-and-welfare …

    By diligently avoiding foreign-entanglements, especially with warmongering military alliances with a cult- following; and a bottomless appetite for virtue-signaling and recruiting new members as vassals for its Global Imperial- designs, to expand into new territories for deployment of its nuclear-weapons. . .

    as a kind of "Revival" for a new Cold-War-era; camouflaged in the virtuous language of "freedom and democracy". Merely a fake and a front to hide its ulterior motive for hegemony.

    The proud citizens of Finland deserves better. Not a foreign cultist posing as a fake savior.

    The people of Finland are free to apply any title or pronoun one chooses:

    EXCEPT "Vassal".

    Please take care of any unfinished business requiring course-correction;

    For your last act as prime minister, while remaining in the caretaker-government.

  2. Finland has been participating in NATO exercises and operations for decades. It's formal me!bership means nothing but a few new targets for Russian ICBMs

  3. Why? Because %90 of finland thinks shes an immature college frat girl, while she only got her votes from that same demographic of promiscuous white city girls from helsinki and turku. Eventually the grown ups get sick of hearing about your sexism victimhood sob stories, and ass shaking on camera, and they vote you out. Unfortunate how the world works. Must have been the fault of sexism.

  4. The Finns had enough of left-wing feminism, woke, climate alarmism, Sanna Marin's one-woman show, wasting billions of euros, bullshit, fragmenting the unity of the nation, populism, and so on. The Social Democrats lured voters from other parties to vote Social Democrat, which caused those parties to lose seats in Parliament. Up to 25% of voters voted tactically to prevent the Finns Party or the National Coalition Party from winning the election. But they still lost. This clearly shows that the people wanted a new government and it is about to happen. Thank God!

  5. Because she is a woman. What? Was this not the answer you wanted? Now that i have your attention i will inform you that the Prime Minister is not the head of state, that honor falls to the President of Finland. This PM has led the world astray into thinking that it is she, the Prime Minister was/is the head of state while in fact she is not and never was the head of state, no more then how the US speaker of the house is not the President of the USA.

  6. Many drugs damaged her brain, bad decisions; abandon neutrality, support the war until the last ucranian, corruption and crazy parties

  7. What is so special about her that media keep mourning for her? 😂 People made their choice & its clear they don't like her. We should respect the choice of Finnish people the way we respected their choice to join NATO.

  8. Seeing all the left wingers going to hell…..
    We just need DONALD TRUMP in America , Marie Le pen in France , and we already have MODI and NETANYAHU and GEORGIA MELONI in India , Israel and Italy respectively .

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