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CNN: Ukraine claims frontline advances amid Russian chaos

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky traveled to Donetsk to meet with and encourage soldiers. CNN’s Chief International Security Correspondent Nick Paton Walsh reports. #CNN #News


So will the insurrection and its aftermath have any impact on the battlefield in Ukraine? For its part, Kiev says it is making gains on the ground. Let’s bring in our Nick Paton Walsh for some perspective on the war post attempted insurrection. Nick, thank you so much for being with us. So, you know,

The one the group has been instrumental in the war in Ukraine, particularly in Around-the-clock Mood, the group has been told to hand over their heavy weapons to the Ukrainians, to the Russian army Just explain to us how that changes the dynamic on the battlefield going forward. Yeah, I mean,

We are still in very early days as to how this extraordinary chaos is going to impact Russia on the front lines, but being no doubt fighting to have been the most effective fighting that the Russians have had over the winter. Certainly leading spearheading the fight for Obama. It’s being no doubt too brutal,

Savage, often at times deeply inhumane fighters, too. But it does appear that they will be stepping back. And according to Prigozhin, a very small number of them will, in fact, join the Ministry of Defense. They may all move to Belarus. That is still something to be worked out We simply don’t know where

The fighters are and how obedient they are with this apparent deal that their leader has indeed struck. But is this as yet changing the nature of the fight on the Ukrainian front lines? What is unclear. Here’s what we know Unprecedented chaos in Moscow has yet to ease Ukraine’s bitter fight in the trenches

Close combat around back. Two weeks into the continued grind of the counteroffensive, open operations filmed over the weekend just as foreign troops roll towards Moscow. Here, the red, white and blue are Russians in disarray and surrendering. The hope is more will follow as word spreads of the failed rebellion

And morale and discipline falter. It was near here. Ukraine proclaimed Monday progress on the front lines with room for hope elsewhere. To the south on another Donetsk front, near the heavily contested marker, it appears some Kremlin loyal Chechen fighters were pulled to Moscow for its defense at the weekend.

Here they are strutting along an apparent highway near the capital, pockmarked and marring opportunities for Ukraine in the east, but also further west near Harrison the Anta Nevsky Bridge. The scene of intense clashes captured by this Russian drone as Ukrainian forces claimed to cross over to the Russian controlled Eastern Bank.

Opening another front, perhaps it is too early to tell whether or if Russia is crumbling and Ukraine’s progress has been incremental. Still, the familiar scene when their fighters declared they’d captured another small village in the south riven uphill on Monday None of this yet. There’s strategic sea change and Russian collapse.

The weekend’s madness that Zelensky visiting troops in the east Monday as well will hope follows because he faces anxious choices. Even with all the Kremlin’s intimate ugliness so exposed. Move now. We’ll wait for more in Moscow to unravel. He must be sure to make no mistakes of his own or interrupt

The torrent of them in Moscow Now, Ukraine’s push through its entire counteroffensive has essentially been to wear down Russian front lines and perhaps find a place where they can break through and really force Moscow to make difficult decisions about where its priorities on the front line are.

Now, they may be hoping to expedite that moment, knowing full well that in Moscow there’s utter chaos, frankly, at the moment. And a top brass who are barely clinging on to their jobs. And so an important moment, perhaps Ukraine to seize upon. But these things do take time.

You can’t suddenly, in a matter of hours, redeploy tens of thousands of troops in a different direction, but be in no doubt. I’m sure that even though many Russian troops on the front lines do not have smartphones, cell phones, the news of this chaos will be trickling through slowly

In the days and weeks ahead. And my gosh, you can imagine the effect that’s going to have on morale, let alone strategy. So expect some changes. We just have no idea what timetable they’ll follow. Yes. It’s still early days, as you point out. Nick Paton Walsh live for us that.

Thank you so much.




  1. Ukraine will defeat Russia. There will be no giving up any of their territory including Crimea. Russia has North Korea, China, and other mercenary fighters. I hope Putin's fall will bring world peace and good economics for all countries. We have more in common than we believe. We need to protect the planet from hostal Eloheim.

  2. imagine this scenario. Ukraine backs off 10km and lets surprising Russians come to them. Ukraine is strategically waiting and has also prepared where they can come from behind and as a group eliminate Russia. seriously, when you back off they will attack! fall back far enough to let their defense attack you, a defense far from their moats is not a good attack. Make their defense to attack you, contact the Minister of Defense or Zelenskyj personally.
    This is how you defeat Russia
    Slava Ukraini

  3. We all hate Vladolf Putler .

    Vladolf Putler is a warcriminal and a diktator.

    Vladolf Putler is a kleptokrat and is robbing the Russian People every.

    Russia is many hundred years behind the Western liberal democratic countries.

  4. Traiater Treeson all can see easy Gone Viral on Internet World now know Media and Media News has Committed Treeson Agaist the World Public wow Demand Reperations For Many Relatives Whom have died in Mass Deception now Unravveling all Around The World # 1 Enemy is the Media,Media News all Trust is gone Destroyed not Coming back to say the least Media News Is now Replaced.

  5. Key words: "Ukraine claims." Ukraine also still claims to hold Bakhmut and that it was a Russian missile that hit Poland last fall. They lie constantly.

  6. great success, 200 billion dollars were given to liberate one sum and two meadows … hmmmm, or vice versa, I generally know that this is a great success for Americans, sorry, I meant Ukrainians

  7. cnn report 2023 "Ukraine is advancing, the Russian army is defeated".cnn report 2024 "Ukrainians are fighting bravely, driving the enemy out of their country, Russians are on their knees"…. cnn report 2025 "more Ukrainian victories, Russians are panicking". cnn report 2026 "read for 2025, it's the same just a little different"

  8. Doesn't anyone ever go back and see the proof of how misleading their reports always are. We know Ukraine isn't winning this one. We lost Vietnam and Afghanistan . The writing is on the wall.

  9. The United States should leave it up to Russia to march to Kiev and remove the Nazi puppet Zelensky from power, as Russia did to Adolf Hitler.
    US is close to approving the deployment of long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine.

  10. Befor the russian invasion the USA pumped 1 or 2 billion dollars in "their" Ukraine War. Around 10000 people where killed befor the russian invasion. Estimated 4000 civilians.

    And now when they see the profit of the war through sky rocketing arm sales and oil and gass sales, they will keep the war going untill the last ukrainian soldier.
    Slava USA

  11. Ukraine is only making gains in the information war.
    Someone gives you land through a redimarcation exercise during the USSR era.
    You bomb and mistreat its citizens for 8 years.
    It tells you let's come to a peaceful agreement to co-exist. Stop bombing my people.
    You rather listen to third parties with their own selfish hidden agenda to go to war instead.
    A war that has cost you so much,including lives and destruction.
    A sensible or stupid decision on the part of Ukrainian leaders ?
    Only time will tell.

  12. I do not believe this rendition of the story. There is a real journalist on the ground there in Ukraine that has reported differently. He reports from the front lines! Patrick Lancaster has a Chanel – get the true news from the guy on the ground with the camera reporting as things are going on.

  13. Former CIA adviser: Ukraine is getting desperate and could blow up Zaporozhie nuclear power plant
    Ukraine may blow up the Zaporozhie nuclear power plant as it has already committed acts of environmental terrorism, warns former CIA adviser James Rickards in his Daily Reckoning article.

  14. It's amazing that
    Volodymyr Zelenskyy is a Jewish.
    Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin is a Jewish Russian oligarch… the War is against the last Orthodox Church ✝️ that is not controlled by the gays agendas.

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