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CNN: Surveillance footage shows bus driver and passenger in shootout aboard moving bus

Newly released footage shows a bus driver and a passenger in a May 18 altercation that occurred on a Charlotte transit bus where both individuals drew and discharged weapons, according to a news release from Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS). #CNN #News


We’re hearing from the CEO, the interim CEO of Kansas, a Charlotte area transit system, who says that the driver and this passenger, they were arguing because a passenger wanted to be let off of the bus in an area that is not approved as a staff. So the driver said

You’re going to have to wait until the next stop. Well, that is when the suspect he has Omari Tobias pulled out a gun. The driver, David Fuller, sees the gun, pulls out, has his own gun. And then a shootout happens. It’s not clear who made that first shot.

We’re going to show you this video. But first, a warning. It is graphic Yes, right. Is shocking rain quite unexpected and quick. A flurry of bullets just flying around. So fuller, the bus driver who stops a bus. Two other passengers that are bystanders in the bus,

They move to the back of the bus and you see the suspect there on the ground. Crawling toward an exit. The bus driver then fires another round at the suspect and eventually that suspect and a bystander, they exit from the bus and the driver follows them and shoots

Them, shoots the suspect, tries to again. Now, both of them were shot. The driver and the suspect the driver shot in the arm, the suspect in the abdomen. They were taken to a hospital on stable condition. The bystanders, they were not hurt




  1. The driver is a hypocrite! He says it's against policy to stop in between stops, but he goes against policy and brings a weapon to work! The driver fired his gun wildly into the direction of other passengers without aiming! It's a miracle the driver didn't hit another passenger. He even got off the bus and pursued the guy when he was no longer a threat. Driver should be charged with recklessly endangering the public. 👀🙄😳

  2. HERE ME LOUD AND CLEAR. The bus driver best NOT face any charges, NADA, Nothing, Zip! IF he is charged I will personally call for a gun rally in Charlotte that will shake the very foundation of that crime ridden city.

  3. Bus driver defends himself. Time to lose your job, possible criminal charges and be sued. Just having a job and having to deal with ignorant people daily .👍

  4. Who are the f-tards that think THIS is not self defense? FIRE ALL OF THEM with extreme prejudice. Reinstate this driver immediately. WHAT in the hell is going on in the world???????????????

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