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CNN: She quit her job with only $10K in savings

Many Gen Z and millennials are reporting increased levels of burnout due to work-related pressures, according to a survey by Deloitte. CNN spoke to Nicole Hu about quitting her job to travel the world. #genz #travel #jobburnout #millenial #cnn #news #shorts





  1. Lol clearly this girl never had a struggled life to begin with 😂 who tf just quits their job AND ALSO has 10k lying around to waste like there’s no tomorrow 😭🤣 everybody should think reasonable as this type of scenario only happens to the rich

  2. Not all have rich mommys and daddys. Alot of us are living in reality not vacationing. Even the locals in guam are fleeing to America 😅

  3. While everyone black and white are struggling to pay the rent and working two jobs , and putting kids back in school , CNN said look at this wonderful life that all poor people can live ……a big pile of shit 💩

  4. Trying tondo the math here. Saved $10K jump on a plane to Guatemala $600 stay there a while paying hotel/rent/perhaps couch surfing still cost money, then food. Get another ticket to Europe perhaps another $600, still have to pay living expenses and Europe is not cheap. I wish her well and it’s nice she can do all that but seems you’ll burn thru $10K pretty quick.

  5. This is the problem with the labor young people from the USA, they just want to travel and after they spend all their money they know they can always go back to live in their parents basement

  6. My husband and I are so happy for you… what a great experience!! It is generally much safer in other countries and your money will go much further than in the US. I wish I had the balls to do what you’re doing… wishing you the best❤

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