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CNN: See why a crowd laughed at a top Russian official

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov drew laughter from a crowd in India when he falsely claimed the Russian invasion of Ukraine was actually launched against Russia. #CNN #News


The intense battle for Bakhmut may finally be nearing an end. This is a key city in eastern Ukraine, which has faced a relentless Russian assault for weeks. Well, just hours ago, the founder of the vodka mercenary group said his fighters have now all but surrounded the city. And he appealed to Ukraine’s president

To order a Ukrainian withdrawal, saying, quote, The pincers are tightening. Russian forces blew up a vital supply bridge connecting the town to nearby areas. Ukrainian police tells CNN they hope to repair that bridge in the coming days. Meantime, Ukrainian forces blew up a rail bridge in Baku. They had previously damaged the military.

Denies it’s a sign that troops are preparing to withdraw. Well, as that battle rages, Sergei Lavrov is hearing the sound of international ridicule at Thursday’s gathering of top G20 diplomats in New Delhi. The Russian foreign minister was pushing his boss’s narrative about Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine when this happened.

You know, the war which we are trying to stop and which was launched against us using the Ukraine, your Ukrainian people of course, its influence influenced influenced the policy of Russia. Hmm. CNN’s Atika Seward is live from the Indian capital. You’ve been monitoring what’s been going on at these key meetings.

What are the what do you believe are the key takeaways at this point? Well, perhaps the biggest takeaway would be a day after the G-20 summit here in New Delhi, where the foreign ministers had converged and convened to talk about pressing issues Becky. Mainly emerging from that conflict in Ukraine with Russia is,

You know, the rise in prices in food, commodities and energy. And India was hoping to play a leading role in bringing the West and Russia together and finding common ground. But they failed to do that. And that’s essentially because Ukraine was the issue over which there was a sharp divide.

We’ve seen that on Thursday. We’ve seen that again on Friday. There was a quad meeting today of the four foreign ministers. The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, Japan Foreign Minister, Australia Foreign Minister, as well as the Indian Foreign Minister. There wasn’t as a direct statement or a strong statement

That came out condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and perhaps that’s because India has had a very historic tie with Russia for decades now. And they haven’t come out and directly condemned Russia for the war in Ukraine. But they did come out with a joint statement and they did emphasize

That the use of the threat of use of nuclear weapons is inadmissible. Now, Blinken, for a second day running while in New Delhi, did send out a strong message to Moscow. Here’s what he had to say Friday morning. If we allow with impunity Russia to do what it’s doing in Ukraine,

Then that’s a message to would be aggressors everywhere. That they may be able to get away with the two You know, Becky, Lavrov has repeatedly said that the West is trying to deflect from other issues. It’s trying to distract the people here at the G20, foreign ministers meet by talking only about Ukraine.

You heard the audience the way they laughed when he tried to indicate really that Russia is a victim and not the aggressor when it comes to the war in Ukraine. And that’s the response he got. Now, the biggest takeaway for me, perhaps as a journalist, here in New Delhi at the G-20

Summit of the foreign ministers would be that there’s been no joint statement that only goes on to indicate how shocked the divide is really between the West and Russia over the issue of Ukraine. And also an indication that when the big summit, the G-20 summit of leaders takes place in India in September,

There might not be any consensus all over again, which will be highly unfortunate, Becky.




  1. Why is Russia still allowed to participate in any multinational forum? They really need to exclude them from everything. Isolate them completely. They are not a reliable, constructive partner. Let them take their ball and go home.

  2. The choice of words was suboptimal but yeah the west have been at war with Russia for a long time I think. They probably never got over that the loot fest after the fall of the Soviet Union came to an end and how they didn't get to install their puppets there. That is what I think the US want, that's the objective and until Russia pull down and bend over, they're just going to be the boogieman or scapegoat or terrorist or criminals or whatever. Although I don't think for a second the Russians would be better if they had more muscles and the US had less. From what I can tell, if a country become powerful enough, the leaders become dumber and dumber and will try to impose their dumbness on other nations

  3. I can do much better job than him, and he is a very respectful diplomatic FM, i can explain in a better way what he is trying to relate to, he is just following orders, Russia lies all the time, we all know that.

    But still they have rational goals and it is easy to think only from the Ukrainian side, think about it.

  4. The audience indicated they were through with Russia’s absurd narrative about this war, regardless of their affiliation. 🇺🇸🇺🇦

  5. Utk menghadapi israel yg zona hitam putih itu harus dibuka pilihan mau damai dgn palestina 50 50 wilayah wajib biar cepet ga boleh dihilangkan suatu bangsa dan ras karena ham dan menjujung tinggi arti kemerdekaan…..jika israelnya berontak maka akan ada perlawanan yg sepadan yaitu dari zionis belanda dan puji grup supaya mematuhi aturan damai palestine tercapai, atau pemimpinnya di tangkap di dakwa di mahkama internasional utk patuhi aturan internasional atau negatanya tidak akan di akui sebagai sanksi tdk boleh kerja sama apapun ….ini berlaku hanya pada negara hitam putih yg bermaksud menghilangkan negara lain ,bukan jamannya menjajah aturannya udh ada harap patuhi ,

  6. CNN is becoming a clown. You think we care about some clowns plotted into the crowds by the west to laugh is what matters. People are dying day in day out and this is all you clowns will report about? Hmmmm funny

  7. What I find hilarious is that no1 in these comments actually watched the full interview to actually learn something but instead watched a 1 min clip and jumped on the bandwagon. Sad world we live in

  8. yep. English-speaking primates, who believe that the war began in 2022, laugh at what does not fit into their picture of the world, which they are being forced on like a red pill. I know what kind of formation this person is, he was hardly surprised or offended.

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