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CNN: SCOTUS rejects Trump-backed election law theory

The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that the North Carolina Supreme Court did not violate the elections clause of the US Constitution when it invalidated the state’s 2022 congressional map. The justices rejected a broad version of a controversial legal Independent State Legislature theory pushed by supporters of former President Donald Trump. #cnn #news





  1. Bull poop!! It was the Marxist deep state criminal syndicate that over turned the 2020 election and installed a shadow Marxist government. Trump won that election. Truth is out in public view.

    What you naysayers don't realize is Trump activated our military while he was still POTUS and military Intel KNOWS ALL about election interference from foreign and domestic help .

    Military tribunals for treason against America are forth coming in 2024. This Marxist Regime will be fully exposed and America PPL will once again control it's own destiny. This is Trump's plan all along..

    But the controlled media is not telling PPL the truth of the matter. Our justice system, big business, educational system, and other government entities are Marxist deep state criminal syndicate compromised. WAKE THE HELL UP PPL AND OPEN YOUR EYES TO TRUTH. The deep state is desperate to get rid of Trump who stands in the world government way. Why else the bogus charges and smears of Trump????? Trump and military Intel are bringing this criminal syndicate DOWN.

  2. BS States absolutely have the right and authority to over see how elections are ran. States are independent and have more power then our Federal government! That is is our Constitution and every state has their own Constitution. The People also have more power then the State! Something that has been forgotten and needs to be reestablished! The Legislature needs to step up and do their job and quit being cowards and puppets and the people really need to start paying attention to whom they are putting in their legislative seats!

  3. Oh hell whats two things is the Supreme Court Justices plannig on doing against We The People now .Everytime they do somethig right their getting ready to snatch more of our rights .

  4. republican politicians know the majority of people don't want them or their policies so they try to subvert the vote of the people they are a party of liars coward's and work for their rich benefactors and against the will of the people of the USA

  5. I get rid of George Soros machines for voting they're crooked it's been proved the George Soros machines are not trustworthy what do American people keep using them partly your fault for using them newspaper it's a lot easier and it's a cheated on you have to count them!!!! We use ID when we come in to vote in Canada we don't have to wait 3 days for you guys to get the president we know who our prime minister is that night not like you guys😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. You know you people are so stupid when it comes to voting!!!!! When you come to vote you should have piece of ID to show you who that person when they come into the voting station!!!!!!

  7. They can’t loose that federal power over the states. It’s not that hard to count couple hundred million votes. Trump said there was cheating based on a feeling he has. He has 0 proof.only cheating uncovered was on the Republican side. He leads an up rising against out country on Jan6th because he’s a spoiled petulant child. That’s never been told NO a day in his life. His seditious conspiracy will stop him from running again. It’s in the law. He’s not above the law.

  8. “AND JUST LIKE THAT!” POOF! 😂😂😂. It was all gone. I think Supreme Judge Clarence Thomas caught up on all the “NEW” Sex and the City. Then said OH HELL NO. NO MORE !!!!! NO MORE !!!!! Keep FKKING up our tv shows! Hollywood 😂What else Y’ALL wanna loose???😂😂😂. Like Grandma said “don’t mess with me when I’m watching my stories,😭😭😭” Y’all were quietly sneaking it all past us successfully. Grandpa taught me that the quietest one in the room is usually the smartest (Hollywood definitely skipped school that day.) Quiet and SMART Because they are listening! Not trying to scream and riot the reality they want into existence. The Smart and Quiet are observing the reality they’re existing in. Then deciding “do I like this?” “Am I smart enough to change it?” YES! Judge Clarence Thomas was, and brought balance back to humanity.

  9. Trump talks a lot about fraudulent elections but during the year he won when I voted, nobody was checking IDs or anything… I tried to ask for help because I didn't know if I was doing it right and the woman said "yeah yeah just leave it on the table" without looking at it 😂. I wouldn't be surprised if they scrapped mine as "invalid" since I didn't vote for trump and nobody bothered checking ID's .. he's got so much intimate information about stealing elections, he must be a pro 🤷

  10. You can Thank Hollywood for loosing affirmation action!!! Once LA/HOLLYWOOD (in particular) started holding up thier hand 🤚 (STOP! SORRY! WE’RE NOT HIRING WHITE PEOPLE AT THE MOMENT) that’s when the world really noticed and woke the FKK UP! NOW WE ALL WOKE! 😂. We all know the original woke are as awake as crack heads with a glass pipe who ain’t slept in months. The left is nuts. SO… SMASH SMASH SMUUMASH ALL YOUR OLD LAWS MTHRKRS 😂😂😂 NOW BE WOKE!!! When you start telling white people “Sorry sweetie, you were born too privileged and you just don’t know it. 🤚We’re not hiring😂😂😂 Prepare to loose all your rights. THANK YOU HOLLYWOOD!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT FRONT AND CENTER IN OUR LIVING ROOMS SO WE COULD ALL TASTE THE BLLSHIT AND STOP THIS MADNESS.

  11. Good grief the republican party is full of a bunch of fakes, hypocrites and liars! They yell about cancel culture and then try to ban books, complain about beer cans and try to fight Disney because they are a bunch of hypocrites! They claim to be Christian but show other wise by cutting needed programs just to give the already rich aholes more at our expense! They complain about kids getting free lunches at school but won't do anything about gun control while kids die at school, then claim to be pro life but we can all see what they really are a bunch of demons in disguise!!! They spread lies and misinformation about the last few elections because they can't win because they have no ideas, no solutions, no policies at all, no all they can do is reflect, deflect, spin, twist and distract with weak made up culture war crap and never do anything for this country!! So why vote for or support that?!!

  12. The Big takeaway is that cnn is a trump hating organization and will only broadcast bias stories that they want you to see, hear, and imbed in your thought process without real reasoning – the Supreme Court ruled today for businesses to be able to reject service to anyone that infringes on their rights – in other words if you get your feelings hurt because a business doesn’t want to make a cake for you then go elsewhere and get over it – and… cnn sucks


  14. Once your heart stops you go immediately to the presence of Jesus,only question asked is did you repent and thank Jesus for dying on cross for your sins,did you invite Jesus in,were you born again.

    If not then its a unthinkable eternal HeII. Please repent,turn to Jesus,renounce homosexuality,abortion etc

  15. Actually the 3 smartest Alito,Gorsuch and Thomas disagreed. Kavanaugh,ACB passed on it hoping Antifa might stop parading in front of their homes,Roberts just a bad guy

  16. It's the way it should be… It's the way it's always has been… And this is how trump rolls.
    He likes to upset the apple cart for no good reason… Except for his own because he thinks he's king god, and one day he wants to be in charge of the whole world… I just keep thinking about the bible with the evil 666 leader. He keeps looking like that every once in a while

  17. B's states have constitutions they should have the right ! Roberts is a backdoor lib he's a traitor everyone knows Trump had more votes at least from ppl that are still alive. Dems have never won in my 62 yrs without cheating no sane person ever voted for demorats communist policies !!!

  18. I know some people are looking at this and think Trump takes a loss… Which is hilarious because we'll never see another person like John Fetterman win an election because of voting rules being changed in the courts!

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