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CNN: Satellite images show changes Russia are making to occupied nuclear plant

Russia is making changes to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant it has occupied for almost a year. Experts from Ukraine and the IAEA are voicing their concerns for nuclear safety as fighting in the plant’s vicinity continues. CNN’s Clare Sebastian reports. #CNN #News


Ukrainian authorities report a series of Russian rocket attacks hit a residential building in the city of Zaporizhzhia overnight. Emergency response teams rescued nine people, including a pregnant woman. The attack killed at least two people and rescue efforts are ongoing. Officials are raising concerns about the safety of the nearby nuclear power plant.

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency says the plant faces persistent security risks due to the war. This Saturday will mark one year since Russian forces seized control of the nuclear site. And as CNN’s Clare Sebastian reports, experts are worried Russia’s tight grip on the facility could lead to disaster

A year into its occupation of the Parisian nuclear power plant, Russia is making changes. Satellite images showing the dry storage area where spent nuclear fuel is kept after being cooled first in August last year. Then at the end of February, what looks like a wall of structure has appeared. Russia’s atomic energy company

Rosatom tells state media it’s building a shield to protect against Ukrainian artillery strikes. A local Russian backed official posted this in December, calling it a protective dome. It’s only doing what was supposed to impact nuclear safety. The head of Ukraine’s atomic energy company and Erika Adams says it’s all part

Of a deteriorating situation. It’s a pariah that he is powerless to stop. What is the biggest risk right now when it comes to safety in the plant? Well, yeah, because those things that we don’t know what is the fence of the moment you can expect. And so they continue

Shelling on the ground for example, another atom says Russia, which forcibly took over the plant last March, damaging several buildings in the process, continues to use it as a de facto military base. This video surfaced last summer of military trucks in one of the turbine buildings next to a reactor last month.

An atom accused Russia of bringing hundreds of newly mobilized troops to the site before deploying them to the east. Rosatom is own press service for the power plant, denied there’s any heavy military equipment on site, but noted that Russia’s National Guard troops, Putin’s domestic security force, are guarding the plant.

I’m very worried about the supplies. I’m very worried. And that Atom says the plant has been cut off from the electricity grid five times in total, leaving diesel generators the last line of defense before a catastrophe. Fighting has also come to close The IAEA reports shelling into building

Housing fresh nuclear fuel in September and a reactor building in November. And that atom now estimates four and a half thousand Ukrainian staff are left at the plant out of 11,000 before the war. That reduction of the number of people is going to have a significant impact on their ability

To maintain and function sort of systems, whether or not that security systems, safety systems, radiation monitoring, nuclear expert Nick Tomkinson says he is working with the Ukrainian government to try to deploy radiation mapping systems and to Parisa and other nuclear sites. One of the concerns could be that things could go missing

And bombs are easier, particularly some of the fuel. I’m not worried about my. What I’d be worried about was is an active decision to do something. Ukraine’s nuclear power company, though, is worried about a slow motion mistake for maintenance leading to the degradation of the equipment on the site. Including the reactors themselves.

Currently, all in various states have shut down. It is bore to the stage, though. Nobody wants to if we will be able to operate it. This is just the start. The Russian side says strict radiation safety standards are being observed. Hardly a consolation when 20% of Ukraine’s electricity supply

Remains hostage to this war. Whereas me, there is no let up. The IAEA, the UN’s nuclear watchdog, reports last weekend that the backup power line connecting the plant to the Ukrainian electricity grid was severed again. It was then restored. The staff there also said they had around 20 detonations

In the vicinity of the plant. This as the IAEA is expressing concern that a planned rotation of staff to that plant is more than three weeks late. And I want to point out as well that Rosatom, Russia’s nuclear energy monopoly, continues to avoid most Western sanctions, even as the rest of Russia’s energy

Industry has been heavily sanctioned Rosemary. Many thanks to Clare Sebastian for that report.




  1. This is well past time the US and other countries with the most elite special forces take back this nuclear site for the world's safety.
    First a foreign elite special forces clear the whole area of Orcs and then go after the Orcs in the power plant or a all-in-one attack by elite special forces.

  2. One thing for sure. The trucks garaged in the building next to the reactor will be easy targets when they leave. They should have a nice glow around them.

  3. The Russians are the world leaders in nuclear technology and they also understand this particular plant very well after all it was built by the Soviet Union. It is also good to see that they are building a shield over it to protect it from Ukrainian madness. Even CNN knows that it is the Ukrainians shooting at the nuclear plant but they act dumb.

  4. I met someone today from that town, who fled here to the US. He said his city was constantly bombed… 60x a day. He was so stoic while talking about it, but I could feel his pain.

  5. Theres gotta be some high ranking Russian military guys who just wont let Putin use nukes cause it'll be the catalyst of the end of life in russia cause if they shoot a nuke NATO will drop nukes on russia so it's just a dumb weapon to use

  6. Russia have gone and turned the danm off on the dnipro River so that the water runs low on ukraines side, this power plant won't be able to keep their reactors cool with water if the water drops by just one more foot, plus the fact the plant only has 10 days of fueled generators, its like putin is hoping this plant will become unstable and cause a massive disaster not just in Ukraine but parts of Europe too. Maybe these changes are linked to this aim, time will tell

  7. Which territories are invaded by the Russian terrorist state?

    – Donbass and Crimea (Ukraine).
    – Abkhazia and South Ossetia (Georgia).
    – Ichkeria (North Caucasus: Chechenia, Dagestan and Ingushetia).
    – Königsberg (Germany).

  8. ohhh so thats the elite and natos plan, make us think putin wants to cause a radiation disaster on its boarders ok…. My prediction is that ukraine will blow the power plant on its own then blame russia for it, giving nato power to invade. Russia is protecting these sites as they know that zelensky is stupid and mad enought to do this.

  9. The logic is outstanding. They are afraid that the country who developed those stations, built them and maintaining this one for the last year didn't obtain a license from the country which made Chernobyl possible. Also, those criminals are building structures to protect the plant! Evel. And I forgot they are going to make something with nuclear fuel from the plant, which they supply to this plant. They can't get nuclear fuel anywhere else.

  10. Putins power over Russia rests solely in his ability to have his people stealth killed and his ability to live 24/7 on the run from his own people.

    To stop a dictator
    There must be no where for them to hide and out of cowardice they’ll surrender
    Even as mighty as there bluster seems.

  11. To invade Europe
    Putin has to control the Black Sea,

    It seems that Putin is setting up
    The staging grounds
    For a future pre planned invasion of Europe and I am certain about this by %150

  12. Hey guy's WHO do you THINK built that nuclear plant !!!? Yes that nuclear plant was built by Russian hands !! And every city you see in Ukraine was built by Russian hands !!!? You see guys Ukraine is a historical part of Russia !!!? Just like Kosovo is a historical part of Serbia , NATO terrorists stole Kosovo from Serbia by bombarding Serbia by 30 NATO terrorist nations

  13. No one cares.
    Ukraine 🇺🇦 not our proplem.
    Russia 🇷🇺 not our problem.
    Just more CNN democrat party 🎉media propaganda campaign to incite controversy, hate, violence and escalate america 🇺🇸 into war for money 💵

  14. 😂 you fools keep on telling Americans that Ukraine is winning,that time Russia is ignoring u like toothless dog….Russia is making progress in this everyday but cnn fools r paid by the American government to talk nonsense….Ukraine will never win against Russia even if u bring those fighter jets it’s just impossible.

  15. Would not be surprising if Ukraine hits the power plant like they did with Poland and say it was an accident.. adding that they "were only trying to defend themselves.." and then blame Russia.

  16. The situation in Ukraine is dire! Russian missiles and rockets continue to kill Ukrainians and kidnap children! 15,000 civilians were killed and 20,000 children were kidnapped! Meanwhile, China continues to smuggle arms to Russia and continues to produce nuclear warheads day and night! Xi Jinping has directed the Chinese People's Liberation Army to launch a nuclear war with the US in 2025! If we don't get rid of the Chinese economy as soon as possible, the future and survival of mankind will never be possible! And Russia will continue to kill Ukrainian citizens until they are gone!

  17. Just Ruzzians weaponizing the nuclear plant and then later blaming Ukraine for it. If they can't launch a nuke, they'll just stage an "accident."

  18. British and the nazies going to tell Russians how to maintain nuclear power plants. Are yuo guys out of your minds. Russia is the world leader in nuclear power generation/Rosatom/ and you are somewhere on the bottom off the list mr.Tomkins with your Nazi friends.

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