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CNN: Russian soldiers dying in large groups, pleading to Putin for help

CNN’s Erin Burnett reports on the desperation of Russian soldiers pleading for help due to the severity on the ground. #CNN #News


Russian soldiers whose comrades are dying in mass are tonight appealing directly to the Russian president for help the man who refuse to address our command has replenished our unit with new mobilized. Six times now. This is evidence of the incompetence of our superiors and of the whole unit. Please help.

There is nowhere else to turn. Just just to break that down. These mobilized men are saying that their unit has been replenished six times. Think about all that death. It is horrific. And what is most significant about this appeal is that they directly, as mobilized men, are calling their commanders incompetent

And directing that entire thing, not just a telegram for a random post directly to Putin. For him to see it. And it comes as we have more video of another Russian soldier calling the situation on the ground in eastern Ukraine, a cluster of we found that our tank is burning over there.

So please be greetings to everyone straight from the front line, firsthand evidence of what’s happening here It is a cluster, but we are pushing holy glory to Russia. These damning videos coming is inside Russia itself. The brutal Wagner group is purportedly turning to students from Moscow in order to fill its ranks.

Now, we understand that the students in question here are in 10th grade. And I want to emphasize the significance of the fact that these boys are in Moscow, which is the region that has sent the least fighters to the front line, the region that has been kept the most isolated

From the effects of the war where more elite live. This is the video of what’s believed to be a Wagner fighter. His face is covered. He’s in a classroom and he is lecturing students on so-called contract service. Now, the students were forced to fill out. We understand

This survey is showing it to you on the screen. It asks for their personal information. Also, the contact information of their parents also asks, do you have any relatives who are living in hostile countries and what is your level of physical fitness? Do you possess any basic military skills and those are elaborated

As tactical first aid or shooting. I want to mention CNN cannot independently verify the claims, but this push for more recruits for the Wagner group, not even the Russian formal military, comes as Putin is continuing to crack down on dissent. Today, a former top deputy of jailed opposition leader Alexei

Navalny appeared in a Russian courtroom. Her name is Lilia trying to save her. She’s already been in jail for a year and faces another 18 years if convicted. After opening a regional headquarters for Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation, that foundation has uncovered example after example after example of corruption from Putin and his inner circle.

OUTFRONT now and of ADUDA, the vice president of Alexi Navalny’s anti-corruption foundation and a former spokesperson for Navalny. And Anna, I very much appreciate your time. Do you believe there is any way that Liliya will avoid an 18 year sentence here? Well, unfortunately, we don’t have any evidence that would suggest

That she would avoid that because the way she would have been treated for all this time, the way the two have been put into this detention center, instead of being under house arrest, for example, because this is the measure which is implied when the prosecutors are afraid that

The person will try to escape the country to try to escape the justice. But Lilia is on the opposite. She was always very vocal about her staying in Russia and not going anywhere and not leaving her country and not live in her region. So this, this, only this. And then

The fact that she is not allowed she was not allowed to talk to her parents on the phone, not to have visits with them, with her parents and with her husband for all the 16 months behind the bars. So we do think that they will be harsh on her. And this is

Why they have been so harsh on her, because she’s a very talented opposition politician. She was very effective in what she was doing and she was very successful in gathering rails against the corruption encouraged she was investigating corruption of the officials encouraging. She was a very effective manager of the headquarters

Of the regional campaign in fact. And I know that this of course, her situation right now is coming ahead of you know, Navalny is again I used the word trial with with great quotation marks is coming up as well. And he is currently in solitary confinement in a maximum security Russian penal colony.

His recent tweet and was which I want to be clear to everybody when I say this, he can’t tweet is when he’s able to get a message out and someone else can put that tweet out for him. It was the main torment of imprisonment is, of course, the inability

To see the faces of your family to talk to your loved ones. I haven’t had any visit for eight months. And yesterday I was told I’d be transferred to a cell type facility for the maximum possible term of six months. So he says he wouldn’t have had a visitor then for a year.

Of course, his health is suffering. And now now he’s got this other trial. I mean, do you believe that you’ll see him out of jail alive? Of course I believe I will see him out of jail life. But we also understand that his sentence is a life sentence in terms that it’s either

His life sentence or Putin’s. So as long as Putin is in the office, Navalny will not sit them. But we do believe that we will see him free one day and we will get the Putin out of Kremlin and, of course, out of Ukraine. And I know, Anna, obviously,

You know Lilia very well. And she made the decision to stay. I know if you were to go back now, you would be arrested. You can’t go back. You know you know, what would await you at this point? Are there are there others who are still continuing to try to stay in Russia

And continue this fight? Of course, there’s a lot of people there are still people who are protesting against the war right now in Russia. And there are a lot of people in detention, political prisoners who have been protesting, who have been opposing this. This government ended this war.

Of course, a lot of people decide to stay and they they do it for the reason that it’s their country. And they don’t intend to leave it. They don’t intend to you know, leave it in the hands of these bandits and Kremlin. And they are trying to they’re waiting for the time to

To be free, to make Russia free and great again. All right. Well, and I thank you very much. I appreciate your time coming out and speaking about about your friends and your colleagues who you know so well who are suffering through this. Thank you. Thank you so much for not only.




  1. Ufff, the main sewer media report, the brave, dog-liking, clean, and English-eloquent Ukrainian soldiers don't die and only the Russians do.
    Luckily we are also enlightened, that Ukrainian civilians and small children die all the time instead of the brave Ukrainian soldiers.

  2. Russia is Losing the War Seriously….Russia is Going to use Nuclear Bombs Now.. but Americans have the the Stealth Bomber.. we have the UFO that can appear and disappear and Bomb a Building…

  3. The Ukrainian land will need to be enriched with a good quality fertilizer after all those oil spills from destroyed Russian equipment. To enrich it …. more students will need to sign up for the Wagner Group and go and show how great Russia is. Amen.

  4. You people know Ukrainians have suffered about 300k dead and similar injured? Oh no! Don't take my word for it. Ursula van Der legend tweeted it. Please pull your heads out of your backsides. War is terrible and both Russians and Ukrainian men have suffered terrible casualties.

  5. The Ukraine war started because when the regular Ukrainian army refused to kill defenseless ethnic Russian-Ukrainians for 8 years the US supported, trained, armed, and funded Ukrainian nazi groups. Ask the MSM why it never covered the slaughter for 8 years.

  6. Raving respect for these men and women still daring to speak up and stand up. Russia's very finest! While the biggest criminals of the country 'run' it and the 'justice system'. There is no justice, obviously. May all be rewarded by God, who stand up for human rights. May all be thrown into eternal hell, who crush people left and right.

  7. CNN is like a virus used by USA to distract people. while you are lying to people with imaginary stories, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are rotting out there and millions of people have fled

  8. Those poor fools thinking pootin cares about them 😅 pootin care's about no one but himself his a multi billionaire gangster dictator and murders civilians out of spite because he's lost his war! Ukraine belongs to Ukraine 👍

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