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CNN: Russian fighter jet brings down US drone over Black Sea

The US military’s European Command has released footage of the encounter between a US surveillance drone and Russian fighter jets over the Black Sea. The newly declassified video depicts critical moments of the mid-air encounter, which the Pentagon said lasted 30-40 minutes. #CNN #News


This looks like a lot of Top Gun, but it’s real and it’s between the United States and Russia. Just watching this video is amazing to see these two Russian fighter jets come up to this American drone, this Reaper drone, dump fuel on it, clip it. That has led to this dramatic escalation.

The Russians have been insisting that that fighter jet, the Russian fighter jet did not ever make contact with that drone. Well, now we can see that the video really does belie that explanation. We’re seeing that the fighter jet actually comes up extremely close to the drone. You’re watching it right there. Starts releasing

A lot of jet fuel as U.S. officials had said it did. It hits that drone. That is when the camera footage goes out. And then when the camera footage reappears, you can see that the propeller of that drone is damaged.




  1. I have tried hard to see the American perspective but no matter what your media says I see you as tyrants. Inside scoop on the Ukraine conflict is that the CIA caused the war between Russia and Ukraine by using Ukraine as an intelligence post. All this could have easily been avoided. It reminds me of the reaction to the Cuba Missile Crisis. Russia simply did not want a US presence right next door just as it was the other way around in the Cuban Missile Crisis. If US had not had such huge imperial ambitions the entire war could have been avoided.

    Putin was a KGB agent, a little understanding would tell us he would and could not surrender to the CIA while it kept encroaching nearer and nearer. They have an entire analysis department there in your CIA (which is pure evil) which can decide which countries deserve to be carved up and divided and you didn't know boxing in Russia was a provocation?

    Being a direct victim of this sort of tyranny in my own country when I did nothing to the Americans has taught me to support Nations that are assertive against them like China and Russia. In my case the Americans were raping torturing and using advance technologies , including kidnapping of people. If they can be so evil and tyrannical here and say they did nothing in the end and wash their hands of it they can do anything.

    When the US says Iran is a threat to the world I ask what about the US sitting on the largest nuclear arsenal (and being the only country to have used a nuke). When they talk about human rights I ask how I was separated from my family and my family raped and tortured.

    The day America ends we will celebrate here in Pakistan. There are many like me who don't want your bases and don't want you taking control of everything in our lives. US is using Ukraine to further its ambitions and they will fight till the last Ukrainian. There is no victor in war. Just who loses more. But America never understood that from Iraq or Afghanistan.

  2. This is the kind of shit that happens when you have a brain dead meat head in office. No to mention a retarded generation on TikTok. Hey let’s let china spy on us. Do you think they would let that happen there, if yes, you are a meat head as well. Start preparing for an invasion, because it’s coming.


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