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CNN: Retired general explains what Ukraine’s next move should be

CNN’s Jim Sciutto talks to US Army Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt (Ret.) on the progress of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Kimmitt shares what he thinks Ukraine should do next. #CNN #News


Ukraine is attempting to regroup after Russia launched its largest missile barrage so far this year. 95 missiles over the course of just the past day. Ukraine’s military says it was only able to intercept about a third of them. 34 in Kiev. Power and water have now been restored.

But, boy, it was a tough night. Yeah, absolutely. We are also watching an event happening in Kiev right now. It’s a burial service that’s being held for a fallen Ukrainian commander who was killed in Baku. CNN’s Ivan Watson is there. So, Ivan, what more do we know about this commander right. Well,

This young man’s name was Dmytro Katsav Bylo. He went by the codename Da Vinci. And part of his funeral is taking place here. We’ve been watching funeral and memorial events in Kiev for hours now. The church service was actually attended by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, and the top military command were in

Kiev’s Maidan, that central square where thousands gathered to pay their respects to this man who was killed this week in the grinding battle of Mahmoud, that small southeastern Ukrainian city where the Russian and Ukrainian militaries are pounding each other day after day for months now for control of that city.

Now, this man, Da Vinci, as he’s known last year, Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, gave him the honor, calling him a hero of Ukraine. And he is viewed by many of the people who the thousands have gathered as a national hero, someone who participated in the 2014 protests the 2014 protests

Against a pro-Russian president in the Maidan Square that ultimately resulted in the overthrow of that president. He fled to neighboring Russia. So da Vinci had been a young activist there and then joined a militia that fought against pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass region for years after that, and then has been part of

The armed forces fighting against the Russian invasion over the course of the last year. He is the youngest battalion commander in the Ukrainian armed forces. The crowds have been chanting things like heroes never die. And I think this underscores the immense sacrifice that Ukrainian military commanders are paying in this battle.

This contest, this deadly contest against the Russian military in parliament. Back to you. Ivan Watson live for us there this morning. Ivan, appreciate it. Thank you. Let’s dove deeper in all of this now with retired Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt. Good to have you on, sir. Let’s talk first about this missile barrage overnight.

One, it’s the scope hit across the nation. Even killing people all the way in the western part of the country seems to be a mix of a couple of things. Hypersonic missiles, difficult to impossible to shoot down with Ukrainian air defenses, but also these Iranian Shihad drones.

And it seems fired at the same time. Is that by designed to overwhelm Ukraine’s air defenses? Sure. Absolutely. And it’s their version of shock and awe to they’re trying to make a huge effect on the population and the infrastructure. And are Ukrainian air defenses even with the addition of more advanced

Western NATO’s systems still overwhelm there by these these Russian missiles? They are I think until we see the patriot get on to the ground or they’re going to be on their back foot, especially when you send so many at once, it’s hard to target all of them, hard to shoot them all down.

Another thing this is CNN’s reporting is that Russia is capturing some Western made us supplied in particular weapons in the in this fight so far, including the javelin anti-tank missile and the Stinger shoulder fired anti-aircraft missile, sending them to Iran, in effect, as a gift for them to reverse engineer

Potentially how significant is that? Some gift? Yeah, it’s it’s a boon to Iran. Iran is providing drones to Russia in return. They’re getting systems so that they’re reverse engineering and propagating throughout the region. They’ve done this before. Iran got a hold of the old TOW missile.

They got a hold of old drones as well. So there’s a Middle East regional impact if you now see advanced weapons being developed by Iran, and if they show themselves, for instance, with the tow the ability to take one figure it out and make their own. Absolutely. That’s alarming. Okay.

Let’s talk about the progress of war then. In the U.S., there’s been a lot of talk about a Russian spring offensive really hasn’t materialized. U.S. officials have been telling me for some time they just don’t have the forces and the manpower to do anything definitive. But we also know

Ukrainians want to carry out a counter offensive in the opposite direction. What is the actual state over here does? Does either side have the potential to make ground? Well, it really depends on what the Ukrainians have been doing over the winter time. Yes. We’ve been focusing on it, but hopefully they’ve been resupplying,

Rearming, retraining. They really have almost an imperative to have the spring offensive. They’ve got to demonstrate to the West that they’re making progress that demonstrate to their own people that they’re making progress. All the fighting, all the attention around back in these last several weeks. Extremely deadly for both sides.

I mean, we’re talking about some days where thousands are killed in a single. 24 hour period. Has it been worth it for the Russians? But also crucially for the Ukrainians to fight so hard, so long and to give up so much there? I don’t think so. I mean, retrospectively,

This reminds me of World War One, these great battles where inches were gained and thousands were lost. Yeah. This is this is the area we’re talking about here. So so what happens now in the coming weeks? You say that Ukraine has to make they have to make a push this way

Just to not be on their back foot, in effect. Do they make progress when they make that push? Well, first of all, I don’t think that’s where they’re going to do it. If if I was advising them, I would be looking at a different area. There is a down here by Kherson

Going all the way up to 30 on. I think what they really want to try to do is unhinge the Russian offensive. Imagine if they were able to get all the way to Bernie ask they would essentially put all of Crimea at risk, particularly if the Americans put an attack on us. Right.

And then the Russians are going to have to think about this land bridge that has been so important to them. How will they react. I mean that’s been one of the principal goals of the whole Russian invasion is to join Russian controlled areas here with Crimea in the south. Great point. General Kimmitt,

Always good to have your expertize. Thank you. President Lynskey has been clear that this new tactic, no matter what it is, is still not going to make people stand down. I want you to take a listen to what he said about it. we have already shown what Ukraine is capable of.

And no matter how treacherous Russia’s actions are, Our state and people will not be in chains. Neither missiles nor of Russia’s atrocities will help them. Now, Russia’s defense ministry says this attack is retaliation, retaliation for an alleged cross-border attack in Verdansk that took place a few days ago. Ukraine has denied involvement

In this attack. But I think it shows you it’s a reflection of the Kremlin’s thinking when retaliation looks like attacking civilian areas. And Sami, yesterday when you joined us, you mentioned how the ZAP region to power plant had been knocked off the power grid for the sixth time. I think in this conflict,

Obviously raising a lot of alarm among nuclear watchers. What more do we know about the safety of the plant at the moment? I think what really shook me is the quote from the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency. He said One day our luck will run out.

And that is the concern, right? We’re talking about a nuclear power plant right on the front lines that is Russian occupied, but run by Ukrainian engineers and Ukrainian staff that has over and over again been impacted by these massive missile attacks, by these massive strikes coming from Moscow The IAEA is saying, look,

We have to do something about this. This is dangerous. This is something that is on the brink, that is absolutely unacceptable. And there’s been several visits of course, by the nuclear watchdog, but that has yet to find a resolution to this. So you’re still looking at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. That’s what

This Operation Nuclear Power Plant is caught in the crossfire with no solution as to how that plant can be stabilized and people can be certain that it doesn’t become something worse and something running on emergency power, isn’t it? So it’s not completely out. Not completely out. It goes into blackout mode.

So it’s cut from the power grid. It goes into blackout mode. But you’re still talking about a nuclear power plant. Right. There are serious concerns when you’re talking about supplying power to a nuclear power plant and that supply not being stable not being reliable. Salma, thank you so much.




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    During the days of Zelensky's visit, a black and red Bandera flag was waving over the Ukrainian positions next to the national one. And higher, at the dominant height, the banner of the Wehrmacht.

    During the days of Zelensky's visit, a black and red Bandera flag was waving over the Ukrainian positions next to the national one. And higher, at the dominant height, the banner of the Wehrmacht.

    When the idea of ​​the superiority of one's own nation becomes a key element of culture, and a cult of power is nurtured in society, followed by an acute desire to do a war, then what is called Nazism is born. All this is now evident in Ukraine. The parallels with Hitler's Nazism are clearly visible. For example, in the reportage that we just saw: the Nazi flag that was hoisted over the trenches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine immediately following the visit to the positions of the president, the supreme commander in chief Zelensky. And other examples are terrifying.

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    Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelensky will die during an uprising caused by Ukrainian discontent, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter has said.

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    The Russian president condemned Kiev's actions for its actions with Russian forces, civilians and its own population.
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    "Unfortunately, we are dealing with a regime that is extremely cruel not only to our citizens, but also to theirs," Putin said during a meeting with Denis Pushilin, acting head of the Donetsk People's Republic.
    "Here is one of the fenced areas of the front. I think 14 Ukrainian army troops surrendered. But it was too late, and ours left some men there with them. They weren't even guarded, so they could get them out of the zone. combat this morning. The enemy fired 300 shells in one place, eliminating all their military. Unfortunately, ours also suffered, but they do not spare their own. They behave in an extremely cynical and cruel manner," Putin pointed out.
    The Russian representative then highlighted as the objective the removal of the Ukrainian fighters "to a distance from which they cannot hurt us".

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    The White House and the leadership of some other European countries have expressed their opposition to accelerating Ukraine's accession to NATO, writes the Financial Times.
    The US, Germany and Hungary oppose efforts by EU countries, including Poland and the Baltic states, to propose Ukraine a path to NATO membership at the next summit in July, the newspaper reported on Thursday. British Financial Times (FT), citing four officials involved in the negotiations.
    The division was clear during a meeting of NATO foreign ministers this week, the FT said.
    "We have several weeks of tough negotiations ahead of us to try to close those loopholes and work out some sort of political outcome. But yes, there are some significant differences about that at the moment," said a Western official.

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    Russian MD: Up to 210 Ukrainian servicemen were destroyed in Donetsk and Krasny Liman directions alone
    Russia's Ministry of Defense has reported the elimination of a MiG-29 plane, a Mi-8 helicopter, an ammunition depot and hundreds of Ukrainian servicemen in the last 24 hours.
    Kiev has lost around 150 soldiers in the Kupyansk and Krasny Liman directions in the last 24 hours, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced this Saturday (1st).

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  14. Russian forces eliminate more than 470 troops and ammunition depot in Ukraine

    In the direction of Krasny Liman, Russian forces eliminated up to 100 Ukrainian fighters, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
    In turn, in the Donetsk direction, up to 310 Ukrainian servicemen were eliminated in clashes with Russian troops.
    In the direction of Kupyansk, more than 35 fighters and an MT-12 anti-tank gun were eliminated, as well as an ammunition depot in the Kharkov region.
    In the southern directions of Donetsk and Zaporozhie the Kiev regime lost more than 50 fighters.
    In Semenovka, Donetsk, a Ukrainian troop communication center was destroyed by Russian forces.
    In the direction of Kherson, up to 40 fighters were eliminated, as well as an American-made M777 howitzer.

    Russian forces also destroyed a tank, two armored vehicles, four cars and a D-20 howitzer belonging to Ukrainian troops.

  15. Kiev regime loses more than 270 military, mercenary and armored personnel in clash with Russian forces

    In the direction of Kupyansk, Russian forces eliminated up to 65 fighters from the Kiev regime, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
    In the direction of Krasny Liman, another 125 fighters, four armored vehicles and a self-propelled howitzer Gvozdika from Ukraine, were eliminated.
    In the Donetsk direction, the Kiev regime lost up to 240 servicemen and mercenaries, as well as three infantry fighting vehicles, three armored personnel carriers, two armored cars and a D-30 howitzer.
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