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CNN: Report: Russian deputy defense minister’s ex-partner living lavish lifestyle in Europe

As heavy fighting continues in Ukraine, one well-known Russian socialite is causing something of an uproar by continuing to travel regularly to France, according to an extensive investigation by the Anti-Corruption Foundation, an investigative team founded by jailed Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny. A group of protesters gathered in Paris to say that France should put a stop to it … because of where her money allegedly comes from. CNN’s Clarissa Ward has the details. #CNN #News


As heavy fighting continues in Ukraine, one well-known Russian socialite is still traveling regularly to France and it is causing quite an uproar to the point where a small protest took place in Paris yesterday with people demanding that France do something to stop this because of where this woman’s money allegedly comes from.

Svetlana MacNeill, which is a woman of expensive tastes, diamonds and couture, extravagant parties and European vacations. Just last month, she was seen shopping and dancing in the elite French ski resort of Porsche Val. But many Jovic is no ordinary Russian socialite. She is the other half of Russia’s deputy minister of defense,

Timur Ivanov, one of the most senior architects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And according to a shocking investigation manual which continues to gallivant around France more than a year into Russia’s bloody war. Despite the fact that Ivanov was sanctioned by the EU in October. Don’t shoot. Going to keep the explosive report

Put out by the Anti-Corruption Foundation, an investigative outfit founded by Russia’s jailed opposition leader, Alexei Navalny is based, they say, on a leaked archive of more than 8000 of many Verges emails over the last 12 years and has racked up more than 6 million views on YouTube.

It claims that on March 25th, 2022, as dozens of missiles rained down on the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, many of which spent more than $100,000 in a top Paris jewelry store on the Place Vendome. How was it possible that she can continue to do this? It’s a very simple trick that they play.

Point number one, Svetlana has an Israeli passport through her class with her first husband. And second of all, six months into the war, they have filed for divorce. They haven’t they haven’t split any assets. Nothing has changed in terms of daily life with whatever they owned. They keep everything together. They’re like, technically,

They’re not legally married anymore. Equally shocking are the opulent lifestyle and lavish spending that the leaked emails document. According to Russian business publication RBC. Ivanov’s official income was once declared to be around 14.2 million rubles a year, less than $175,000. Yet the Navalny group’s report calculated that the couple spent

More than a quarter of $1,000,000 in just one summer. CNN has not been able to independently verify those numbers. How is he funding this lifestyle? Well, the answer is corruption. Corruption and specifically kickbacks. According to the Russian government, Ivanov oversees construction for Russia’s Ministry of Defense, including what the Anti-Corruption Foundation describes

As lucrative contracts to rebuild the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, which fell to Russian forces under punishing bombardment last May. The Russian army has destroyed demolish 70% of the apartment blocks in town. They had to build new ones and they did. So that company that built those display houses in Mariupol.

It is the same company that pays for two more Ivanov’s personal bills. Despite claims of such brazen corruption, Putin toured the construction project last month. A request for comment on the investigation from the Russian Ministry of Defense received no reply. This is all in France, though the pressure may be mounting.

On Sunday afternoon, the Anti-Corruption Foundation organized a small protest outside the Paris apartment it claims, many of which still rents. Demanding to know how she is allowed to spend the profits of Russia’s war in the heart of France. A question so far without any satisfactory answer. CNN has reached out to the French

Foreign ministry who respond to saying we do not comment on individual situations. France, with its EU partners, has ended visa facilitation for Russian citizens and has also adopted targeted individual sanctions against 1499 Russian officials and their supporters. We also attempted, of course, to reach out to Svetlana Manual, which sending her an email,

But as of yet, we have not received a reply. Clarissa Ward, CNN, London.




  1. French are the very hypocritical people
    Where the money is coming from , really
    The biggest genocide of africains in the world .
    Come to Africa to spend your money we need them. Their so called treaty kept our economy idling …

  2. I love humanity… creating wars, destroying, then taking part of the money to consume, buy and move your ass in stupid clubs in so called luxury places… places like Courchevel who used to be beautiful, honest places of mountain sports and fresh air… and which have now become places of useless parties with rich, boring people

  3. Russian nationalists are hypocrites of the highest order.. They publicly attack and hate the West and it's values while privately they can't wait to take a ski trip in Schladming, gamble in Las Vegas or go on a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive or in Paris. Of course some of our politicians are welcoming their millions, despite the fact that they are connected with the war in Ukraine. I salute the journalists and anti corruption activists for uncovering and showing us these disgusting examples of hypocrisy.

  4. Russians Oligarchs when caught they will say anything to take themselves out of any responsibility in “The Devil Made Me Do It” attitude! Their problem is Putin is the Devil!!!

  5. What’s wrong with the French government? I think it’s time to realize that the time of the French empire, the colonies, and power has come to an end along time ago. Please work with the rest of Europeans and Americans and the rest of the democratic world to put an end to the Rusofile stance. With the end of the czarist, Russia and another regime that was even more cruel, was installed in Soviet union. This regime had communist doctrine, however, behave like a murderous society. All along the 1920s and 1930s and then all the way through 1980s the French government and certain, but significant portion of the French intelligentsia had supported one way or the other this type of regime. The French govern continues this type of behavior to the detriment of honest French people. I think it’s time for you to have them become accountable once, and for all, and for France to actually join the realm of reality.
    Soviet communism, and now Russian dictatorship, as well as Nazi fascism, as well as Mussolini fascism are all murderous and divisive ideologies that have led to many millions of deaths in the last century and a half. Again please French people make your leaders accountable.
    Otherwise, France will suffer like it did after the second world war, and it’s stance against the fascist. Need I mention Vichy.

  6. "CNN was not able to verify independently those numbers. " and then the report continues "how were they able to secure such amounts?" Fck this woman instead of spending hundreds of thousands in europe which is a good thing for europeans if only they know. She should be backing her country efforts to denazify ukraine and help the budget of russian army

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