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CNN: Report: Prosecutors signal Trump criminal charges are likely

Prosecutors in the Manhattan district attorney’s office recently offered former President Donald Trump the chance to testify next week before a grand jury that’s been investigating a hush money payment scheme – signaling they are nearing the end of their investigation, The New York Times reported. #CNN #News


Donald Trump hush money and a potential indictment that could be coming soon. The New York Times is reporting that the district attorney’s office here in Manhattan is signaling Trump will likely face criminal charges over hush money payments to the adult film actress Stormy Daniels. But this is not a slam dunk.

The case could pose a big challenge for prosecutors The Times reports the former president was told that he could appear before a Manhattan grand jury next week if he wishes to testify, a strong indication that an indictment could soon follow Trump has repeatedly denied having an affair with Stormy Daniels,

And he denies telling his longtime fixer, Michael Cohen, to buy her silence for $130,000. Right before the 2016 presidential election. But Cohen insists that he has the receipts, personal checks signed by the former president to reimburse him. Our senior legal affairs correspondent is Paula. She’s following the story

For us this morning in Washington. Good morning to you. The D.A. is giving Trump the chance to testify. Do you think he’ll take it? I do not. Don, we know that his lawyers have recently met with the district attorney and they’re concerned because we’re seeing this uptick in activity in this investigation.

This probe has been going on for about five years. But in recent weeks, we’ve suddenly seen this parade of high profile witnesses, close associates of the former president like Kellyanne Conway and Hope Hicks. Going to testify before this grand jury? I do not think it is likely that the former president

Will join that parade of witnesses going before the grand jury. And a statement last night a spokesperson for the former president dismissed this whole thing as, quote, insane. But the fact that the invitation has been extended signals that this investigation is likely wrapping up and that an indictment is possible. So, Paula,

This is obviously a major development, but it’s a complicated legal theory that the Manhattan attorney is trying to apply here. There are a lot of lot hinges on Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, who has been convicted. Right. And has served time. So is it a strong case

And is anyone even know at this point? Look, we know a lot about this, right? Because this case has been out there for years. Some people, some of these have been investigated some have been charged. So we do know a lot of the basic facts of this case. Look, Don, it’s a fact.

This conduct is approximately seven years old at the court. This is a paperwork crime that would have to be prosecuted on a pretty novel legal theory in New York. And the witness at the center of all this is Michael Cohen. And, Don, you know, you’ve interviewed Cohen. You’ve spoken with him

Every time he speaks in public. The issue of the former president comes up and he appears pretty arguably fixated on former President Trump being charged in any good defense attorney would seize on that and the fact that he is a convicted liar to try to undermine his credibility.

And you really need a credible witness to support a case like this. So the larger question is, well, why is the district attorney digging back into this? Now, we know that he’s under a lot of political pressure. It’s always possible that they have unearthed some additional evidence.

But based on what we know now, this is not the strongest case that the former president is possibly facing as compared to something like down in Georgia, where they’re looking in to his efforts to interfere with the election outcome there. You have multiple witnesses. You have recordings, you have documents, something like that.

Even though former president’s attorneys will admit they are much more concerned about that. But he did go to jail for actually brokering this deal. You see, when he went here, he had a lot of legal problems, personal legal problems with the IRS, with his business dealings beyond just this hush money payment.

And I think intelligent minds can disagree whether the National Enquirer right. Did not get enough accountability for this. But again, at this point, it’s just about the case against the former president. And it is not terribly strong based on the facts that we know. But, of course, we don’t know everything.

Right on. Thank you, Paula. Can we talk about this possible indictment? Not a slam dunk. Everyone’s like, is it coming? Is it coming? We don’t know for sure. But that’s what they said. The winds are heading that way. What’s your what’s your response to this? You know, not not a lawyer.

This is probably the case that Trump’s least afraid of of the plethora of lawsuits, of different investigations he’s facing to within the Department of Justice. The Eugene Carroll case, the Fulton County case. This is one that they’re Trumpworld is prepared to hit back if it goes the way

That we’re anticipating to say this is this is the liberals still trying to undo the 2016 election this is seven years ago. This is a weak campaign finance case. So I don’t know that I think this is some kind of a slam dunk. My other caution is this Trump’s usually emboldened

When he looks like he’s under attack as we saw after the Mar a Lago raid. Even really mainstream Republicans the Dan Crenshaw is the Marco Rubio. Rubio kind of rallied around Donald Trump saying this is unprecedented. This is an overstep of justice. I anticipate you may see this.

They said he wasn’t going to run until. I don’t know if that’s true. But remember, they said he wasn’t going to run until that raid happened and then this sort of emboldened him, like, I’m going to definitely do it emboldens his base because he he positions himself. You know, I am your retribution.

I am taking these fears and arrows for you. I think it honestly may help him Doesn’t mean justice shouldn’t be served, but something like this is hardly going to be Trump’s undoing.




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  2. This is so stupid. Full disclosure I don't know what the criminal code in NY says. I will say this stormy made alot of money by this affair being made public. I say this from first hand experience. I worked with stormy twice. The first a couple of years before 2016 her promo sheet talked about different adult entertainment awards and her role in the 40 year virgin. The second time I worked with her in 2016 her promo was all about Trump. She made way more the second time and had way more media exposure than before. My point is the affair is old news. She obviously wasn't damaged and this is just a repeat of 2016. It's pretty lame of the media to recycle stories that have the same individuals same issue just a slightly different twist.

  3. Hey CNN report on the border and how the cartels control the border. The cartels smuggle drugs and are involved in human trafficking. Chinese are paying up to $30,000 to cross the border. IMPEACH BIDEN

  4. It's political bs. Leave Trump alone. He didn't buy stormy Daniels off….lol. When it came out he didn't even acknowledge it because everyone knew it was true. Lol. It didn't hurt him in the slightest. Breaking news, alpha male likes p*ssy. Lol. At least he didn't f a young naive intern like some folk do. Stormy wasn't hounded by the press and called a home wrecker and whore by the media to the point of suicidal ideation as one such poor woman taken advantage of by a sitting president who never to this day has said he was sorry for any of it. Nah. Trump went to a pro. A porn star. And before he was president. If cnn says it's a very weak case based on novel application of case law that's gotta tell ya something. Lol. Have y'all seen the January 6th footage…that's a joke too. Especially considering Trump called for peaceful protests which by and large they were. No protesters fired weapons. Most seemed as though they were sight seeing. They were escorted by police who weren't afraid. Election meddling? I highly doubt it. Dems used every trick in the book when gore lost to W. Russian collision? Seems like the Bidens are culpable and not trump in the slightest. Ugh…the Dems are just scared of trump. They know they'll lose straight out if they don't slander him after the embarrassment of Bidens term. They have no appealing candidate. It's all bs. The Dems are just fronting and lying some more with their bs cause all they really got is poor leadership and judgement propped up by their race baiting identity politics. What happened to the classified document scandal after they found em at mar a Lago? Well….nothing after they found them at several locations of joe Bidens including his garage. Lol

  5. If this was you or I, we would already be serving time in a cell. Too much evidence against trump not for him to be jailed. So sad they will put us in jail for a little of nothing.🥱🥱🥱

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  7. Trump admitted the sexual act by saying "when it happened.." In writing. Call it like it is. She was a hooker and Trump paid her for sex. Words like Star and affair glamorize it

  8. Let us know when you’re 100 percent sure the orange clowns going to prison. Otherwise I’m sick of hearing about him. Just the mention of his name makes me sick

  9. Also …what part is untrue or the truth Trump …you paying stormy hush money, you sleeping with Daniel's, …or the fact you never even heard of her …at all…I'm confused

  10. Pence just said, "history will hold Trump accountable." Which is what I've always said. History will be very unkind to Trump and his cronies. But for this we'll have to wait because our press and our government are impotent to effect change. Trump beats all of them, but he doesn't outrun history.


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